BIG HERO 6 Movie Review

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Rachel Seo, Photojournalist

Naturally, whenever a puffy white healthcare robot known for its anticlimactic bumbling makes its debut in theaters, the masses must clamor and fangirl (and fanboy), especially when the aforesaid robot previously made an appearance in a line of Marvel comics.

I admit, when I first saw the first teaser trailer, I was a bit skeptical of the overall concept because I’m not a fan of anime. However, others’ enthusiasm rubbed off on me, and the first trailer only served to heighten the hype.

Then I saw BIG HERO 6 in theaters, and my backseat doubts were kicked out the window. With breathtaking action, a heartfelt storyline, and a helping of humor, BIG HERO 6 is the next big Disney movie since FROZEN.

The animated story follows Hiro, a teenage boy with a knack for robotics and a taste for danger. After he’s accepted to a robotics program at his brother’s college, Hiro suffers the death of his older brother, Tadashi, causing him to drop out (not a spoiler, since it’s revealed in the second trailer). The discovery of his brother’s project, an affable marshmallow-like robot called Baymax, pulls Hiro out of his slump, and after a rollicking adventure involving nanobots, surprise culprits, and geeky colleagues, he eventually comes out of his shell and learns that living life to the fullest means getting back up, even when something has knocked us out of our comfort zone.

While the plot was a bit simplistic, the characters in this family-friendly film each had his or her own distinct personality. Viewers will be drawn to the heartwarming concoction of humor from very different sources: Baymax’s unintentional bumbling, Honey Lemon’s geeky fanaticism, and Fred’s hyped-up enthusiasm, to name a few. With a cast that includes Ryan Potter (Nickelodeon show Supah Ninjas), Scott Adsit (St. Vincent; We’re the Millers), and Daniel Henney (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), BIG HERO 6 provides professional packaging wrapped around a sweet medley of story and laughter.