Fires Here, Fires There, Fires Everywhere!


Eunice Ahn

The picture of the smoke at around 6 in the morning on Thursday. Although the smoke cannot be seen that well and has spread out, it was worrying to see a huge amount of smoke in the sky.

Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

Fires are nothing out of the ordinary for many of us, but it does bring hardships and sad emotions for many. Recently, 3 fires started in the areas near Corona Airport, Silverado Canyon, and Riverside. It has not been that long since the Silverado Fire and the Blue Ridge Fire back in October, so what exactly happened, and what is the situation?

The Corona Airport fire started on Tuesday night around 5:30 pm and was reported to be behind the airport. The fire was at first 15% contained, but the situation exacerbated due to the strong winds that blew up to 95 mph, making it go back to 0% contained. There were evacuation orders released in Big Springs Court, Rock Ridge Court, Cheyenne Road, Homestead Road, Holster Street, and Lone Tree Street, but the evacuation orders were lifted at 10 pm on Wednesday due to the fire being more under control, though the authorities did say that it did not mean that the residents were completely safe, since the situation can change (losangeles.cbslocal). However, early Thursday morning, due to the flames growing from 105 acres at 6:30 am to 500 acres by 9:30 am, it prompted the closure of State Route 71 in both directions between the 91 Freeway and Highway 83 (ktla). It eventually grew to 750 acres, and the 71 Freeway was shut down in the Corona area. As of Thursday evening, the fire is 10% contained, and so far there have been no injuries or structures damaged that have been reported (ktla).

Additionally, Silverado Canyon is on fire again with the Bond Fire. The fire started around 10:15 pm on Wednesday evening due to a house fire. The situation was also exacerbated due to the strong winds and low humidity, causing the fire to spread fast. There were evacuation orders in Borrego Canyon, Baker Ranch, Live Oak Canyon, Trabuco Canyon, Rose Canyon, Valley Vista Way, and Meadow Ridge Drive. The evacuation areas were eventually extended and OC Register states, “extended to Lake Forest, from the 241 Toll Road along Bake Parkway [to Musick north] to Irvine border, and from the 241 Toll Road north to Bake Parkway to Foothill Ranch Community Park.” The roads were eventually reopened on Thursday evening except for Jackson Ranch to the 241 Toll Road (ocregister). Voice of OC stated that on Thursday the Bond Fire has burned 7,200 acres and there was 0% containment. Now it is 10% contained and at 6,400 acres (losangeles.cbslocal). Sadly, two firefighters were injured while fighting the fire (losangeles.cbslocal). 

Finally, the 3rd fire reported is the Riverside fire, more specifically in Cerritos. The fire was reported on Thursday at 2 am. It, at first, started at about 10 acres and by about 3:30 am, the fire had grown to 200 acres (foxla). A mandatory evacuation was issued for residents that lived on California Avenue and the North of Tres Cerritos Avenue in the West Hemet area (foxla). Luckily, all evacuations were lifted on Thursday at 3:15 pm, allowing residents to go back. The fire at first was at 10% containment and by Thursday evening, it reached 25% containment and did not grow (abc7). There doesn’t seem to be any reported injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

It has been a tough time for us and especially for the firefighters who had just fought against the Silverado and the Blue Ridge Fire. Tim Lee (11) said, “I feel that the recent fires have been concerning, but I am thankful that the firefighters are able to work efficiently to quickly contain the fires and extinguish them given the rough conditions. I believe it is very likely for more fires to occur given California’s record, but I am also confident in our firefighters’ abilities and experience to keep us safe.” Luckily, the fire has not affected us as much as the areas that are currently being heavily harmed, but still be safe and take care of yourself and your health!