Our New and Improved Yorba Linda Library and Cultural Arts Center: What You Should Expect


Nikole Galea

Beautiful view of the entrance of the Yorba Linda Public Library.

Nikole Galea, Photojournalist

After hard-working construction, our new library is finally prepared for visitors. Not only is the location and modeling different, but it has a completely new modernized feel to it. The warm and soft interiors and details provide a sense of welcoming to everyone. In order to maintain all the safety precautions, all employees and customers must be accustomed to the regulations needed in order to keep everyone safe. 

As we all know, the old model and location weren’t necessarily appealing to most. Although, the library’s new inclusion of the precise designs and organization will hopefully bring in more patrons young and old. After consideration, you can tell that the library holds more than meets the eye. At first glance, you’d suspect a cold and uninviting space, but as you continue to walk inside the library you are presented with a nice feeling of peace and quiet. No matter the reason you decide to stop by, they’ll have what you need. For example, if you just need a space to study or read they have plenty of seats and rooms at your disposal. Also, if you are at the library to print, browse, or just to return books you will be assisted with the best of help.

As for the library itself, on the first floor, you will find the sorting room, book corner, community room, the children’s section, and the 6-7-8 Lounge. The sorting room is such a modern and unique room compared to most libraries. The sorting room mechanically sorts all the books you intend to return. There are two locations to return your books. One is outside meant for quick, in and out, accessibility. The second one is inside the library to the right of you at the main entrance. This will be a better option if you want to go from there straight to checking out more books. The process is not only cool, but it is also very simple. After the book is inserted in the slot it gets rolled out to a scanner that checks it out of your account and scans the barcode to learn the location the book would need to be sent to. Then it is put into baskets titled for each section. If you walk further on you find yourself in the community room and book corner. The community room’s main purpose will be for hosting community gatherings and such. As for the book corner, this is a place for the library to make a little bit of the money needed for funding. Moving to the other side of the library’s first floor you will find the Children’s section and lounge. The kid’s section is cute and very organized. The shelves are all labeled and many books are on display for kids to get an idea of what they would want. In this section, you can spot the storytime theater. Currently, it is still in the process of being designed inside. Their plans for it are very engaging. Finally, we can find the 6-7-8 Lounge. The lounge is a place to read, hang out, and study for all ages. Although, because of our current circumstance seating and service will not be available in the meantime.

Whether you take the elevator or the stairs, you’ll find three rooms on the second floor. Including the Teen Loft, DIY studio, and the Adult section. In the teen loft, all of the books, graphic novels, play away, and DVDs are surrounding the seating spaces and the large group tables. Just like most of the sections, there is a small study room with a tv and bright light. Next to the Teen Loft, you can find the DIY Studio. This room is a collaborative room you can use for art and music purposes. To the west, you will find the beautiful Adult section. This section is so large they included a help desk. The adult section has dozens of built-in shelves and standing shelves storing thousands of books. Chilling by the electric fire you can overlook a fantastic view of Yorba Linda. The remarkable arrangements don’t end here. Across the sidewalk of the library, you will find the separate Yorba Linda Cultural Arts Center. It provides a much-needed space for recreation and community arts programs. The space includes a black box theater, which will be known as the Virginia DeLand Theater, an Arts Studio, and a Dance Studio. The art room is set up with sinks, tables, canvases set upon them, and many cabinets for storage. The Art Studio will be used for art lessons, art competitions, and more. The last piece of this meticulous center is set with the Dance Studio. The space is spread out beautifully. Within the room, there are mirror panels on the two adjacent walls on the left and on the right, there are break benches and nice cubbies for an organized look.

Taking a stroll through the library is definitely enjoyable and it is even more enjoyable knowing that there is every caution taken to ensure safety among each customer. As you should know by now, everyone in the library must maintain a 6-foot distance from one another, but in addition to that, stationed outside of every room and entrance, there are hand sanitizer machines. To keep up with the constant touching of tables, the surfaces such as these, and many others, would be wiped down regularly. 

Amaya Rodriguez (9) states her astonishment with the quality of work that has been put into the new library, “I think the library is clean and nicely organized. The way they established the social distancing procedures were very helpful and considerate. It is nice how they ensure the library maintains quiet.” Clearly, having such a secure and pleasant space for people to spend their time is an incredibly important aspect that our library must continue to manage.

The library officially opened on November 30th. The library now provides “Grab and Go” reservations. It is a simple method where you reserve a spot with your library card on their website and then you either place an item through the library catalog or you browse the shelves in person. Aside from that, in all honesty, we know that the two facilities will be another gracious presence in our small city and we should take care of it to the best of our abilities.