How Black Friday 2020 Will Change


Allison Lee Isley/Journal

Black Friday shoppers line the isles in recent sale years.

Paige Reddick, Photojournalist

An end of fall staple includes the excitement of Black Friday. Held on the night of Thanksgiving to the end of the following day, Black Friday includes the biggest retail sales of the year. Many large department stores, including Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Best Buy, have cemented their reputation of holding incredible sales. 


Black Friday has become a tradition for a majority of families nationwide. It is a post-Thanksgiving dinner activity that serves as an opportunity for familial bonding and much financial saving. However, the current state of our nation will alter this year’s Black Friday sales.


Coronavirus concerns have resulted in sellers taking the necessary precautions to ensure safe sales. Many companies have extended their sales to deter large crowds on Thanksgiving night. Walmart, for example, has begun a month-long Black Friday sale to offer savings on multiple occasions, not just during a 24-hour period. This alteration is expected to result in fewer shoppers this Black Friday. Walmart’s month-long sale has inspired other department stores to hold larger time periods of sales as well!


If you decide to attend a Black Friday sale this year, you must expect some changes. Because of expected larger sale periods and a decrease in the maximum capacity of stores, long lines wrapping around store buildings should not be common. Mackenzie Clifton (12), a Kohl’s worker, explains how stores will “have limited stock to avoid large amounts of shoppers” and will “take all safety precautions through mask-wearing and plexiglass installations.” Through Mackenzie’s account, potential shoppers are reassured that safety is a priority during this year’s sale. 


For those who are planning on skipping this year’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday will be even more convenient this year. Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday following Black Friday. It is characterized as a day of large internet sales. While Cyber Monday does not contain as much excitement as Black Friday, guaranteed safety is encouraging many to stick to online sales. So, money can be saved and items can be bought from the safe environment of one’s own home. 


While this year has involved endless change and uncertainty, Black Friday does not have to be cancelled. While Cyber Monday is still an option, the excitement of Black Friday attracts many shoppers to experience this annual event. However, it’s important to follow all safety measures and guidelines set forth by the stores you are visiting to ensure the safety of yourself, fellow shoppers, and store workers!