Mr. Flynn’s Retirement


Mr. Flynn speaking passionately in his speech at the Yorba Linda High School 10 year anniversary celebration.

Emma Khamo, Editor-In-Chief

On Thursday, November 12, about half of us were sitting at home completing our homework after a long Thursday of online school, and the other half of us were just getting home after our first day of in-person classes since March. No matter what you were doing, at around 3 p.m. an email from Mrs. Welch appeared in our inboxes with the news that our beloved principal would be retiring this January. 


Our hearts were heavy while reading this news as Mr. Flynn has been a principal at Yorba Linda High School since the moment it opened in 2010. As for the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District, he has been a member for the past 44 years but an educator for 45 years in total.


Mr. Flynn shared that while being an educator, he has had the honor of being a teacher, counselor, activities director, assistant principal, and has ended his 45-year career with 20 years of it being a principal. He has found “great joy” as he has watched the successes of our school, the students, and its community.


Students and teachers are so appreciative of what Mr. Flynn has done and Ciara Curran (12) says that although his retirement announcement was “unexpected,” Mr. Flynn has been “great, from the school’s 10th anniversary of Yorba Linda High School [opening] to the closing of school for COVID, he has handled every situation with grace and has built a strong foundation for what a Mustang should be.”


Similar to Curran’s admiration of Mr. Flynn’s hard work, Mrs. Shay (S) says that “Mr. Flynn is Yorba Linda High School. He built the stampede from the ground up. Dreaming, learning, planning, investing, Mr. Flynn’s greatest legacy is being a Mustang.”


Now while many might be worried about the future of our school and campus, there is absolutely no need to worry as Mr. Flynn has assigned Dr. Dinh to take over and become the Mustang’s interim principal. Dr. Dinh has been at Yorba Linda for the past three years and has definitely shined each and every day. He shows up to our after-school events, has genuine connections with students, and has aided Mr. Flynn in doing what is best when COVID-19 struck. 


Although this news is difficult for our community, students, parents, and staff, we know that this is what is best for Mr. Flynn and we are so thankful for everything he has done for our school. Mr. Flynn has been literally there for us since day one and never fails to put a smile on our faces.


We will miss his smiling faces as we walk through the office gates before school or his conversations during lunch as we wait for our parents to drop off our lunches. In addition to these simple face-to-face moments, I personally will never forget the energy in his voice as he shouted into the loudspeaker throughout the year, opening with a loud “GOOOOD MORNING MUSTANGS!” and ending his announcement with a confident “GOOOOO MUSTANGS!” These moments will be missed but forever remembered in our high school experiences.


Mr. Flynn, we Mustangs wish you the absolute best of luck and hope that this time of retirement is filled with so much happiness and relaxation as you deserve it so much. Thank you for everything you have done as a Mustang!