YLHS Women’s Tennis: The Ball in Their Court

The starters of the Varsity team showing off their medals after competing in League Finals.

Photo courtesy of Gretchen Heyman

The starters of the Varsity team showing off their medals after competing in League Finals.

Leah Heyman, Features Editor

This year, the YLHS Varsity Women’s Tennis Team exceeded all possible expectations. With a practically brand new team and an entirely new league, none of the players knew what to expect for the outcome of this season. However, any spectators who doubted the abilities of these girls was surely proven wrong.


Brace yourself before I begin to endeavor in the ongoing list of the team’s accomplishments for this 2014 season.


First of all, the girls tore up the first-ever North Hills League and took first place after beating every single team in the league. They finished with a 14-6 record overall, including both league and non-league matches. Within the North Hills League, they came out on top with a fantastic record of 6-0. This victory is the 4th, let me repeat, FOURTH consecutive league championship won by the women’s varsity team. “Going into the season, no one had any idea of what to expect. We didn’t think we would have this much success; I’m so thrilled for my team,” says Rachel Stumpf (12). 


After destroying their league, the girls competed in League Finals to determine the best singles and doubles players in the whole North Hills League. The outcomes of this tournament were about as good as you could imagine. Taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the league, our lady mustangs kicked some serious ace. At first place, Prahbleen Kaur (11) beat out every single girl in the league. Following first, Robin Jang (12) and Kiana Tomeo (12) took second and third place. The only three singles players to receive medals in the entire league were YLHS players, pretty outstanding if you ask me. In doubles, YLHS dominated once again. Farah Modarres (12) and partner Katie Byrens (12) swept the league and took 1st place. Following them, Leah Heyman (12) and partner Rachel Stumpf (12) took 2nd place. At 4th place, Tori Nguyen (12) and partner Erika Paul (11) represented YLHS with pride.


Next, it came time for the lady mustangs to face off against the other top 40 schools still playing in the CIF southern section. Breaking their own history, the team destroyed in the first two rounds of CIF and made it to Quarterfinals. It was an accomplishment in itself for them to make it this far, for they had never reached farther than the second round of CIF. Thus, when they fell to their rivals, Cerritos in the Quarterfinals, they were proud of their success, regardless of the outcome.


For the first and second league placers, Rachel Stumpf, Leah Heyman, Prahbleen Kaur, Robin Jang, Farah Modarres, and Katie Byrens, they are all competing in CIF individuals on Monday, November 24th at Corona Del Mar High School. Best of luck to them all, and congratulations to the women’s tennis team on an astounding season!