Capture the Moment


Courtesy of The Guardian

When at events, people often feel the need to film and take pictures, but this takes away from what they could be experiencing.

Tiana Salisbury, Photojournalist

In today’s world, many people often feel the need to film or photograph every moment and experience. This may be because they wish to post on social media or simply because they want to capture their memories on their device. However, not focusing on the present takes away from the possibilities of their experiences.

More and more people are starting to become increasingly obsessed with their public image on social media. When at a concert or event, for example, you may see people trying to take the perfect photograph or video just so they can post it. However, they came to enjoy the experience, not to waste their time by capturing every moment on their phones. It is almost as if there is a competition to see who can post the most about their lives.

People who film also do so because it allows them to keep their memories forever. It is human nature to keep tangible things that are appealing and the same goes for memories. By filming videos and taking pictures, one can look back on what they experienced.

However, focusing on taking a picture or video distracts you from what is going on around you. For instance, when at a national park where there is a lot of wildlife, being engrossed in getting the perfect angle to film may cause you to miss out on the experience of being in nature. Spending the entire time looking at your surroundings through a screen is not the same as experiencing what is around you with your own eyes. Another example is when on a family vacation, being preoccupied with taking pictures hinders you from spending quality time with your family.

Being present in the moment allows you to make the most out of every experience. It is important to cherish the memories that matter most to you because you never know if or when you will have that same opportunity again. Start living in a way that makes you happy, not in a way that you think people around you will like. Lauryn Tran (10) agrees and says that we should “focus on our loved ones who support and cherish us rather than strangers who follow us on social media.”

Next time you are at an event or do something that you enjoy, don’t hesitate to take a few photos or videos but don’t spend the entire time looking at your screen because that is not the experience that you want and came there for.