Los Angeles Dodgers Win the World Series


Katelyn R

The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate on the field as they win the Major League Baseball World Series.

Katelyn Ruggles, Photojournalist

Going into the 6th game of the World Series, both Dodgers and Rays fans were on the edge of their seats waiting to see if this would be the end of the series, or if the Rays would have another chance at becoming world champions. However, with a one-run lead, the Los Angeles Dodgers take the title of world champions in baseball for the first time in 32 years. Here is how the dynamics of the team were able to make this fantasy reality. 


Leading up to the World Series, shortstop Corey Seager was an asset during the regular season. Being both a power hitter and guaranteed base hit, Seager carried the team this year with his batting skill, drastically having the highest on-base percentage on the team of  .746. (MLB.com) He continued this trend, hitting multiple home runs during the World Series, and hitting the winning base hit in the final game of the World Series. Corey Seager’s talent did not go unnoticed this season, as he won Most Valuable Player for the regular season and the postseason. Kealia Amorin (10) said that “Corey’s awards were well deserved because of the skills and effort he showed this season.”


A big part of the Dodgers’ success in the World Series was the new addition of Mookie Betts, a right fielder who pulled his weight both offensively and defensively in this series.  With several run-saving catches, Betts contributed his part on the team with his outfield plays. He also brought in many runs during the World Series, including one of the two runs scored in the final game. With the combination of his speed and timing, one of Betts’ most valuable skills is base running, which was heavily showcased these last few games. 


Cody Bellinger followed in Betts’ feet, being another player on the team that contributed to the victory. As centerfielder, he also had many game-saving catches and plays. Having one of the highest batting averages on the team, he hit 16 home runs and scored 40 overall runs in the whole 2020 season (MLB.com). Betts, Seager, and Bellinger’s combined hitting abilities were a crucial component of the success that the Dodgers had this season. 


Julio Urias stepped up to mound this series and helped bring home this win for the Dodgers. With starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw recovering from an injury, other pitchers on the Dodgers had to step up and play their part on the team to win the series. Though all pitchers pulled their weight, Urias outshined the rest with his pitching abilities. Pitching the last few innings of the Championship game, Urias pitched 3 straight strikeouts in the final inning of the game, pitching the Dodgers to victory. 


Every player and staff member on the Los Angeles Dodgers can be thanked for the Champion title this year, as it was a group effort across the team. Dodgers fans will be ecstatic these next few days coming off of a championship win that has not been done since 1988. It is a good time to be a Los Angeles fan this year with the Lakers first taking the NBA Champion title, and now the Dodgers as well.