Mockingjay: Part I Review


Mockingjay: Part 1 movie poster.

Shera Brady, Photojournalist

Panem’s leading lady arrived at District 13 on Friday, selling over $123,000,000 worth of movie tickets upon her return. Unfortunately, that’s about 20% less than the previous two movies.

Mockingjay has always been considered the least eventful – and most heartbreaking – of the trilogy, and dividing it into two parts certainly wasn’t going to help its case, or so was the common thought. Expectations were lowered, but devoted fans still waited in line for hours before the early viewings, explaining that Mockingjay is simply the weakest link of an incredibly strong chain.

However, in some aspects, that argument weakens throughout the movie. Although it does move relatively slowly, the audience is held captive for the entire 123 minutes. Katie Geraghty (11) agrees completely, claiming, “I thought it was pretty awesome and Jennifer Lawrence did a great job. It followed the book perfectly and was way better than I expected it to be.” The acting is incredible, not only by America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, but Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore who respectively embody Plutarch Heavensbee and President Coin, flawlessly. There have been some complaints about the lack of variety in the scenery, but arguably that’s the point – the bleak grayness accents the destruction Panem is experiencing, and that it is not going to end anytime soon.

And, of course, there’s Peeta. His undying love and chiseled jaw are held captive in the Capitol, being used as a weapon against the very cause Katniss is standing up for–star-crossed lovers once again. The plot doesn’t really thicken until the very end, when he has physically returned to District 13, but his mind has been “hi-jacked” by the Capitol. The final scene is one of complete terror, sadness, and anxiety, leaving everyone feeling unsettled and more excited than ever for Mockingjay: Part II.