What Happens if the President You Support Doesn’t Win?


Eunice Ahn

The presidential debate really brought a lot of tense moments and some controversial topics. Try to respectfully voice an opinion and try not to drag down the opposing group too.

Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

With Election Day coming up, there has been an increase in tension between the two parties over the candidates, most specifically Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. Since one of them is bound to win the election, what will happen to the other party? What happens if the person we support does not win?

I believe we should all treat each other respectfully still after the elections are over. Although it may be terrible for many of us when the person we support does not win, let’s at least show some good attitude towards the other party. There is no use in badmouthing the other party with the elections already over. Everyone should take the time to calm down and let the frenzy pass by. This is probably one of the most intense elections I have ever seen so I am worried how people will act after the elections are over, but I believe we should end the election on a respectful note.

I am not saying that people need to be satisfied with the end result, you can voice your opinion or frustration, but it is best to avoid using insults or making bad comments about the other party. Politics are a sensitive topic, but I think most people make it seem that way by the way they speak. At least speak or voice out an opinion with control and professionalism in how you say your words. There is no need to incur more anger by saying “the elections are so stupid, obviously this person won’t make a good president” or “this political party is only going to ruin America more.” We can all use words that are polite and there is no need to throw around insults.

How nice would it be if both political parties are able to cooperate with each other even if just for a little, but it really all comes down to how willing each side is going to accept the loss or the win. Enge You (11) said, “I think once a party wins, if the relationship between both Democrats and Republicans can become less tense, that would be great. I hope that they can think from another light and think about the other side’s arguments in speeches and debates. If possible, I think they can try and incorporate each other’s points or elements in many issues.”

One side can revel in victory, but respect the other side’s efforts and hard work. The other side, although they lost, can acknowledge the victory of the other side and hope that in the next election, they can win. But after this election, is anyone going to be willing to cooperate or even be polite with each other? That, I am not so sure, but I believe in general that most people will act rudely due to such differing opinions, but even a little cooperation or acknowledgment would be amazing to help lessen tension!

We can try to reconcile because, in the end, we are all Americans and living in the same country. You do not need to have exactly the same political views as someone, but when you disagree with them, do so respectfully and with some politeness too. If the candidate you support does not win, don’t let it get down on you, it’s not the end of the world, just the beginning of a new leadership!