The Ramnut…?

Scherer’s creation called, “The Boston Ramnut.” Photo courtesy of

Angela Chuang, Photojournalist

Ramnut.  No, it is not a new kind of ram, nor is it a new kind of nut.  And no, it’s not a nut-eating ram.  A ramnut is a new ramen-donut hybrid created by UCLA political-science student, Josh Scherer, during the middle of November.

Lately, it seems the newest craze is to create the craziest food hybrid; we’ve seen the ramen burgers, ramen tacos, ramen grilled cheeses, and even ramen poutine, but we have never seen ramen mixed with something sweet, especially not a donut.  But it’s not just ramen that is getting all the attention in the food world, people are creating donut hybrids as well.  Ranging from cronuts to donut burgers, these new donut hybrids are taking America by storm. Just when we think we’ve seem it all, Scherer takes this food hybrid craze to a whole new level by combining two of America’s favorites: ramen and donuts.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Scherer was inspired by a kugel he ate as a child.  The texture of the ramnut is similar to that of the kugel, for the ramnut is cooked in horchata to get the similar doughey texture.  His first few ramnuts included a jelly-filled powdered ramnut, custard-filled and chocolate-covered ramnut, and of course, a ramnut covered in frosting and rainbow sprinkles.  But the thing is, Scherer isn’t just known for his ramnut; if you look at his Instagram, you’ll see a bunch of weird hybrids, including a dorito-crusted egg yolk.  You can explore his unique creations on Instagram at @culinarybrodown.

To some, America’s taste in food is just getting weirder and weirder.  However, to others, this new invention is absolutely genius. When asked about the ramnut, Roger Fang (11) said, “Compared to the invention of the ramen burger, this is taking ramen to another level. This is in between culinary genius and fast food gimmick.  Nevertheless, I will still eat that.”  Roger makes plans to get together with friends and create this hybrid using the recipe Scherer posted (see below). Unlike Roger, when Quinn Bogenreif (11) found out about the ramnut, all he had to say was “What the heck.”  Similar to Quinn’s reaction, Tianna White (10), who is a huge advocate of the “nizza” (pizza covered in ramen), only had one word to describe the ramnut: “Gross.”

Certainly, this new hybrid has created controversy in the food world.  Some say it’s absolutely genius; while others think it’s adding to the obesity statistics in America.  It’s certain to say that America will never stop trying to create the next amazing food hybrid.  Is it possible to create something more unique than the ramnut? I guess all there is left for America to do is to sit, watch, and see who will create the next big hybrid.


If you plan to recreate the ramnut, please make sure a parent is watching/helping because it does require deep-frying.
Here’s the recipe Sherer posted on his blog on November 12:

How to Make Ramen Donuts (For Science!)
6 packs instant ramen
3 whole eggs
64 oz prepared horchata
Nonstick spray
Oil for frying
Various frostings, fillings, and toppings

1) Get that horchata boiling in a large sauce pot. Toss in all your ramen noodles and cook 3-4 minutes or until tender.
2) Strain ramen noodles in colander and allow to cool for 5-10 minutes. Whisk 3 eggs in a large mixing bowl then add in your cooled ramen noodles and mix thoroughly.
3) Spray down a 7×11 in baking pan with nonstick spray then dump in ramen egg mixture and spread evenly across surface. Add a layer of plastic wrap on top, press the ramen down hard with your hands, then throw it in the freezer for 3-4 hours. You want it to be relatively frozen but still workable.
4) Flip the semi-frozen ramen sheet onto your cutting board, and use something circular and a chef’s knife to shape them into donuts.
5) Heat your oil to 325 degrees and fry the ramen donuts for 4 or 5 minutes on each side, until golden brown on the outside and steamy on the inside.
6) Let the oil drain on a paper towel, then slather the donut in your favorite toppings.