Murder-suicide in Placentia


Courtesy of ABC 7 News

The culprit, Timothy Takehara, shown above killed his twin daughters then himself around 12am on the 7th of October.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

A phone call around twelve in the morning to 911 was made. The incident was a murder-suicide of twin girls and a father. The mother of the girls called in and authorities arrived at 12:38 A.M. The call was heartbreaking as the mother told the operator her husband had stabbed the two girls with an unknown object at the time. The identity of the father was revealed to be Timothy Takehara and his two daughters attended Golden Elementary School. 


Grief counselors were made available to those who felt the tragic loss of the family members throughout the Placentia Yorba Linda school district. The district commented to ABC7, “Our thoughts are with the students’ family, friends, and loved ones as they cope with this tremendous personal loss,” The heartbreaking phone call was released on Thursday. In the call, the mother described what had just occurred inside the home to the 911 operator.


Details about the case were later revealed to the public, but the motive is still unknown. When officers arrived at the scene, the girls were found inside the house, in the living room, while the father was lying on the sidewalk across the street. The father was found with self-inflicted stab wounds around his torso after he left the home with the two daughters still inside. The mother and grandmother were unharmed and asleep when he stabbed the two girls. When the mother had awoken and attempted to stop the husband, but it was too late to change what had happened.


In the past, previous 911 calls were made on reports of domestic violence from the father. The last time police went to the house was in September, but no one noticed what bad things were going on inside the home. Neighbors didn’t realize just what was going on behind the walls. Javier Deanda (11) quoted on that tragedy of the family, “I feel for their home. That should never happen to anyone, but it did. They are in my thoughts and prayers.” They described the family as one you’d see occasionally go out to walk their dog. It left many of those who knew the family heartbroken as they struggle to understand how such a thing could happen in their own neighborhood. 


Locals remember the girl’s name by holding a vigil for them later Wednesday night. The police department begs those to seek help if necessary. They hope to prevent situations like this in the future. Details on the scene are soon to come as authorities continue the investigation on why the father committed such a crime. From now on, citizens of Placentia come together as a community to help stop others from making decisions like this.