Foods for Fall


Tiana Salisbury

One popular ingredient for many fall foods is squash, which comes in many colors and flavors.

Tiana Salisbury, Photojournalist

Summer has finally come to an end, which means it is time for fall. Not only is this the season for colorful leaves and sweaters, but it is also time for delicious fall foods! HuffPost says that fall is the perfect time for “apples, pumpkins, and everything you can make out of them.” These foods are sure to give people a warm and cozy feeling while welcoming the new season.

One popular fall treat is pumpkin pie. This dessert originated in the Americas after pumpkins were discovered by European colonists and explorers. Pumpkins were brought back to Europe where they became part of pies. The pies were introduced back to the Americas and since then have become a fall classic. Megan Chou (10) says “pumpkin pie is one of [her] favorite fall foods and it makes [her] feel comfy and at home.” It is no surprise that this dessert gives off a homey feeling since many families have their own recipes that have been passed on through generations.

Another classic food for this season is mashed potatoes. Similar to pumpkin pie, this dish originated in Europe and was thereafter brought to North America, where its popularity has grown to where it is today. The most common way to serve mashed potatoes is with gravy, but some people have come up with unique alternates. In fact, The Spruce Eats has recipes that use mashed potatoes to make doughnuts and others might make dumplings.

When asked what fruit best represents fall, one would most likely say that it’s an apple. This fruit has been in the United States since colonists brought them from Europe. Over the last couple of centuries, this fruit has been combined with other ingredients to create delicious apple treats. This includes apple pie, caramel apples, apple stuffing, and apple cider. These treats are easy and fun to make especially with apples picked from an apple farm. Picking apples is a great activity for families and it also reinforces the cozy feeling of fall foods.

In addition to apples, there are endless ways to add squash into a meal. At this time of the year, squash can be found at local farmers’ markets and grocery stores. Squash can be eaten by itself or added to pasta, soup, or even pizza. Out of all fall foods, squash is the most festive because of the variety of colors it comes in. Squash can be orange, green, or any other color associated with fall.

These are just some of the many foods that are great for fall. Especially since there is so much free time due to the pandemic, trying new foods and recipes with family will be a great activity this fall.