Political and Social Activism Club



Students of the Political and Social Activism Club meeting with former mayor of Yorba Linda, Tara Campbell!

Kayden Mandley, Photojournalist

Clubs are a necessary part of high school as they open up new paths for students to become more involved within their school and pursue their interests and activities with their peers. Club Rush has come and gone, but it is not too late to learn about our school’s many clubs and join.


One of the clubs that everyone should know about this year is the Political and Social Activism Club. Since 2018, the Political and Social Activism Club, also known as PSAC, has helped hundreds of students at Yorba Linda High School get more informed and connected with current political and social events. Especially with the 2020 Election being less than two months away, this club is an incredibly beneficial extracurricular activity for every student.   


This school year’s PSAC board members include: Anna Zhang (12) as President; Sinéad Roché (11) as Vice President, Camille Khong (10) as Publicist, Jessica Yu (12) as Secretary, Liesl Klages (12) as Head of Outreach, Hayden MacDonald (12) as Head of Voting Registration, and Jorge De Anda (11), who is in charge of membership. 


Even during such uncertain times, PSAC is still coming up with ways to stay active. Recently, the club distributed flyers to businesses throughout Yorba Linda to spread valuable information about this year’s voting and registration. The club also has an active account on Instagram which posts updates and new information about any current events that students should be informed about. Also, PSAC plans on holding two to four meetings a month to discuss, debate, and inform students about current news. These meetings occasionally welcome guest speakers such as former mayor, Tara Campbell, to discuss how students can become more involved in their community. 


One of the main aspects PSAC is proud of is its diversity. “PSAC is about providing a healthy, [civil] space for students from all political beliefs,” explains Anna Zhang (12), who started this club in order to provide students an environment in which they feel comfortable talking about politics without feeling neglected. As the current president of PSAC, Anna wants all students at Yorba Linda High School to consider joining this club because it is inclusive towards everyone, no matter their political beliefs or level of political education, and they want to “make sure [students] stay educated [about politics] and have fun while doing so!”


If you are interested in being a part of Yorba Linda High School’s Political and Social Activism Club, be sure to follow their Instagram account (@ylhspsac) and text @psac2021 to 81010 to be informed through Remind.