Which Is Better: In Person Or Online School?

Even with online schooling, teachers and students are still able to communicate and collaborate with each other just like in person schooling.


Even with online schooling, teachers and students are still able to communicate and collaborate with each other just like in person schooling.

Katelyn Ruggles, Photojournalist

When asking a group of students if they like in person or online school better, the answers are commonly split 50/50. Some kids have grown accustomed to online schooling and would prefer to continue that way, while others can not wait for the day they go back to school. With pros and cons to both methods, it is a difficult decision as to which is the better option for students. 


Being in quarantine for so long, many students have become fond of online school. It allows students to learn many life skills revolving around independence and self-sufficiency. Having to make sure to manage their time and be prepared for class with the correct materials gives students a chance to learn responsibility. On the contrary, students argue that needing to prepare their materials is too much work, and they prefer to only have to show up to class and have the teacher be prepared for the material that day. Camille Khong (10) stated, “with online school, I get a sense of freedom, but that also comes with big responsibility that students may take advantage of”. Though students may like to take the easier way out of this, independence and responsibility are two important skills that will be essential for the future and are useful to learn at a young age. 


Another important aspect to take into consideration is safety precautions. Online learning provides a sense of safety for students, teachers, and their families. Hybrid learning is the best way to remain safe while still being able to go to school in person, but the safest option to stay safe during the pandemic is to remain completely online. Being online does prevent kids from socializing with each other. However, with the technology that we have today, it is very easy to remain in contact with friends through video chat and messaging. 


 A big point that students always make is that it is easier to learn in person than online. Sitting at a screen for hours a day can be exhausting on the eyes, and can cause headaches. Staring at a computer for several hours a day is something that can seem mentally draining at first, but just takes time to adapt to. Teachers have been doing their part in helping students adapt by giving breaks throughout class, allowing them to step away from the screen to do things like get a snack, grab some water, or use the restroom. Staying at home also gives students the ability to be in a more comfortable environment with access to whatever they want at home. 


Both sides of the argument for whether an online or in-person school is better for the students make strong points. However, there is no clear answer to which one is better, but when dialing it down to the small pros and cons of each type of learning, online school is the better option for students. Though there are pros to in-person schooling, they are outweighed by the pros of online schooling. Virtual school provides the opportunity for students to learn valuable life skills, it allows students to have the freedom to move around and take breaks from learning, along with having access to things around their house, and it is the best option to keep students and staff safe from the pandemic.