Easy Ways to Become More Sustainable


A Good Company sells stylish pens made out of natural grass. Source: A Good Company (agood.com)

Paige Reddick, Photojounalist

With all the uncertainty in the world, we have one thing in common: our Earth. And living in Southern California, we are surrounded by pure beauty. Over the past few decades, the climate crisis has increased in severity. It has become imperative to make small changes in our daily lives to protect our environment. However, being young students can present some uncertainty: how could we make a difference? Well, I have gathered some small tips that can be integrated into your daily routine to live more sustainably each and every day. 


While classes are virtual this year, technology has become a greater part of our daily lives. To avoid wasting unnecessary electricity, each of us could begin by unplugging our devices when they do not need charging. Although it is not possible for all devices, only charging your laptop, phone, etc. when its battery is at a low percentage can save much electricity. Attempting to make this task a habit can contribute to an immense amount of electricity saved over the remainder of virtual learning.


Staying with the theme of saving electricity, turning off unnecessary lights is another method of conservation. While this is a common practice, it is important to remember its impact. Turning off unnecessary lights every day can help one live a more sustainable lifestyle with minimal effort. While staying in one room on our computers for hours on end, it’s important to make sure other vacant rooms are not wasting any electricity. Practicing this task every day can lead to a drastic amount of energy saved, protecting our resources, and taking into account their implications in our environment.


With school back in session, school supplies are a necessity. While most school supplies shopping has already been completed, any new items needed can allow you to become more sustainable. Companies such as A Good Company, Onyx + Blue, United By Blue, etc., are examples of businesses that strive to produce sustainable products that serve as school supplies. Whether you purchase recycled pens, notepads, glue, pencil pouches, or any other necessities, you are making small changes that contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Vaani Gandhi (12) has added sustainable school supplies to her collection and enjoys how they remind her of her “love for the environment and its need for protection.” As school supplies are a prevalent need in our current lives, attempting to purchase them from sustainable companies is a simple way to contribute to environmental conservation. 


And lastly, as many of us have done already, switching to reusable containers is an impactful method of becoming more sustainable. A great example of this switch is transitioning from plastic water bottles to a reusable water bottle, such as a Hydro Flask. This is an extremely simple way to prevent unnecessary waste of plastic. Plastic has drastically polluted our land and seas. With many plastics unable to be recycled, avoiding it at all costs is an efficient means of protecting our environment. 


Through these small practices, becoming more sustainable can be incredibly easy. I challenge all of us Mustangs to adopt just one, or even all, of these tips to promote a lifestyle that is conscientious of the environment around us. Making these small changes can result in lasting effects. The more participation, the more impact we can have on the conservation of our environment. I hope these tips can serve as inspiration for you all.