Los Angeles Lakers: The Magic Behind the Basket

LeBron James and Anthony Davis displaying their friendship
on the court as they win the second game against the 
Houston Rockets during the second round of the playoffs.


LeBron James and Anthony Davis displaying their friendship on the court as they win the second game against the Houston Rockets during the second round of the playoffs.

Katelyn Ruggles, Photojournalist

The Los Angeles Lakers are having their comeback season as they won 52 of their 71 regular-season games, putting them in 1st place in the Western Conference for the first time in 8 years. Advancing to the Western Conference playoff, the Lakers took Portland and Houston head-on, knocking them both out of the playoffs and securing their spot at the Western Conference finals. With the Lakers unmatched chemistry on the court, and the genius behind the plays, head coach Frank Vogel, they are a contender for the 2019-2020 Championship title. 


A large portion of the Lakers’ success this season is the result of the dynamic duo, Anthony Davis and LeBron James. When these two are put on the court together, there is no stopping them. Davis excels in defense, being the third-best defensive player in the league, and James is a constant top scorer in almost every game. Davis’ strong defensive skills allow LeBron and other players on the team to have more opportunities on offense to rack up points. Sarah Huyhn (10) comments on the duos’ abilities, stating that “with LeBron and Anthony Davis playing together, the Lakers show a strong example of teamwork. James and Davis have worked together on the court to get in baskets that benefit the team winning, whether that be passes, blocks, screens, or shots. The connection that these two amazing players have can win the NBA Finals”. Though James and Davis’ partnership provides a sense of leadership on the court, every player on the Lakers’ effort accounts for their success. 


The starters are not the only ones pulling their weight on the team, but the bench players are also playing their part. Players like Alex Caruso, Rajan Rondo, and K.C.P are stepping up this season. Not only is Caruso, or better known as “ The Carushow”, an asset to the Lakers’ defense, causing a large number of the team’s turnovers, but he is also a crowd favorite. Caruso brings great energy onto the court and always keeps the spirits high in the crowd. Rondo and K.C.P. are both great offensive players. They are both able to come on the court and score necessary points to ensure a win for the Lakers and can bring the Lakers back in the lead if they were trailing.


The genius behind the plays, head coach Frank Vogel, adds to the talent that this team has. Only being the Lakers head coach for 2 years, he has already shown immense improvements in the team. When Vogel was first hired as head coach for the Lakers, the reaction was not positive, with people claiming that Vogel would not be able to handle the job. However, Vogel has proven these thoughts to be wrong as he has coached the Lakers to 1st place and the playoffs. Vogel has conjured the team to enhance each individual player’s strengths to blend and create an unstoppable defense. 


With a secured spot in the Western Conference finals, the Lakers will find out who their opponent is based on who wins the final game between the Clippers and the Nuggets. However, no matter the opponent, the Lakers are a force to be reckoned with and will put up a worthy fight. Lakers fans at Yorba Linda High School get excited, because thanks to the team’s chemistry on and off the court, the Lakers are a favorable candidate for the championship title.