Get Your Boots Ready



Every year thousands of people look forward to the biggest country music festival of the year. By having the festival in the fall change it?

Abbie Muther, Photojournalist

Every year, right after the two weekends of Coachella, there is Stagecoach. Stagecoach is a three day music festival in the desert filled with cowboy boots, cowboys, Ferris wheels and all things country. 

Stagecoach has been happening in Indio, California for the past 13 years. For three days, everyone around is walking around in cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and blue jeans.

There is all kinds of different country music happening all throughout the festival so there is something for everyone. A big argument recently has been about whether some of the popular country music artists today are really country. Taking that into consideration, there are multiple stages on the venue with different performances happening so that there is country for everyone.

Each year, there are three main headliners that play every night. This year, the three headliners are Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood, and Eric Church. The headliners are what most people come to see. However, there are smaller acts that are playing before them that attract a large crowd too People like Morgan Wallen, Brett Young, and Chris Lane. 

A festival like this is not for people that don’t like the sun, don’t like standing, and don’t like walking. In order to see the acts that perform during the day, you need to be at the venue pretty early. It is about a mile walk, maybe more from any parking lot or drop off area. With the festival being in the desert in the middle of April, you can expect it to be hot. 

Just like any other concert, there are different levels of tickets that you can purchase. The most common ticket is the general admission where you stand or bring your own chairs and blankets and sit towards the back unless you can get a spot early. 

Usually, the festival happens in April right after the two weekends of Coachella. This year might be different with the Coronavirus being a major issue. Stagecoach has been postponed until October.

As expected, people are not happy about this. The tickets were purchased with the idea that the festival would be held in April. Many students that are in college had time off during the weekend of Stagecoach. Now with the festival being held in October, many students don’t have the opportunity to get time off from school. These students, as well as other people who are not able to attend in October, now have to get refunded the money for their tickets. In addition to the tickets, hotels and house rentals need to be canceled. 

With the festival being pushed back six months, many of the concert goers are concerned that there are not going to be the same performers that they paid to see. Another huge inconvenience that has people up in arms is the festival being held in the fall and not in the spring. For many of the girls like Sydney Barnes (10) attending, the clothes make the festival that much more enjoyable. Planning the outfits take the longest.” Since it is now in the fall, the style and dynamic of the festival could change.

Even though Stagecoach being postponed, that does not make the festival any less exciting. Now the anticipation rises as the countdown to the festival starts again with six months to go.