Maybe 2020 is What We Needed


Protest against police brutality in response to George Floyd’s death.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Photojournalist

To be honest, the beginning of this year already had us concerned about the rest of the year. From wildfires to crashes to murder hornets to a pandemic, the world is hoping for this year to turn around somehow.

After the devastating death of an unarmed black man named George Floyd, at the hands of police brutality, protests and demands for change have spread not only through all fifty states of America, but numerous countries around the world including Syria, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia (CNN).

The change that the Black Lives Matter movement has demanded reminds many of the history behind how people of color have and continue to be oppressed. As more people are now educating themselves and spreading posts on social media, many begin to understand that racism is still heavily prevalent even in today’s modern society.

Celebrities and brands have also shown their support by posting and/or protesting to fight against racism. For example, Taylor Swift, John Boyega, Michael B. Jordan, Ben & Jerry’s, and Nickelodeon are among the many who have used their large audiences to bring more attention to the movement.

While more people become aware of the inequality that still exists, a sense of unity and strength binds hundreds of thousands of not only Americans, but people around the world to fight together creating one of the largest demonstrations of political unrest.

As police brutality has been an ongoing act of racism yet has not gained enough attention until now, an undeniable sense of anger has built up causing people of numerous races besides African Americans to demand change.

 Tommy Herington (10) adds “over history, there has been a demand for equality, but I feel as if this might actually be the time that things might change and a huge step in the right direction will finally be taken.” He also mentions how these protests are only the beginning and the world has much more work to do if we ever hope to fully reach equality.

So even if 2020 has started as what seems to be a bad nightmare, the change that people hope to bring about is what we need to push all of humanity in the right direction. Racism is one of the biggest mistakes from the past, so if the world hopes to never repeat history, change needs to occur soon and 2020 can be the year that starts a reformation.