Dear Seniors, I’m Sorry. Sincerely, A Junior


Emma Khamo

Yorba Linda High School fences covered with banners of every senior to give appreciation to the hard work they put in High School.

Emma Khamo, Section Editor

Dear Seniors, 

I write this letter one week before your graduation as a junior who is completely inspired by YOU! You came into school the week of March 9, 2020, with absolutely no clue what was about to happen (we all did). By the middle of the week, the rumors started, however, you still were unaware of the news that would take 3 months of memories away from you.


I would like to start with our arts students. Theatre, you were so close to performing your last production. I am sorry that you could not stand on the stage and act, sing, and dance for the very last time. You bring so much life to our campus. To our dance company, I am sorry that you could not have your last weekend at a dance concert to show the student body the months of dedication you put into those numbers. Your dance moves brought so much joy to our students. To our band and choir, I am sorry you could not perform for your last time. Your voice and sound were beautiful.


To our spring athletes. As an athlete myself, I cannot even imagine having league games be a week away and having to completely halt everything. I am sorry you will not get you last team bonding or practice with the lower classmen, the last bus ride with your coaches and teammates, and unfortunately, you have lost the chance to walk down the field and court with your parents surrounded by your teammates, coaches, and fans.


To the general class of 2020, I am sorry you lost the events that meant the most to you. The events you have waited 12 years for. And please, as much as your mourning, hug your parents. They have wanted this moment too!


Now I do apologize for naming all of the things that you are missing out on, but I promise I have a point. Your last couple of months have inspired us all, and personally, our last three years in high school together have inspired me. Many of you were there to welcome us on the first day of freshman year. You smiled, waved, and gave us a tour of where all of our freshman year classes were.


You walked with us to our first day of practice and pumped us up before the big game. You introduced us to the upperclassmen in the play and told us to “break a leg” before auditions. You sat next to us in math class and told us all about the teachers at our school. You were there for us.


As the last few days of your senior year are coming to an end, I will let you know that you inspired us. You have taught us everything we need to know about high school, and I know you will give us advice when you come home from college. We have all been inspired by your braveness and your constant perseverance to fight for the most normal way to end your senior year was amazing. 


The junior class wishes you the best as you start college education and life. We collectively hope that you get to start your freshman year at your prospective school. Good Luck. We love you. And keep the Mustang Pride strong. 



A Junior