Black-Owned Businesses in Orange County


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Protein Lab, a definite favorite among Yorba Linda High School students, is one of the many black-owned businesses in Orange County.

Riley Pietsch, Photojournalist

Across the globe, people have been reacting to the police brutality murder of black American citizen George Floyd. Streets have become filled with proud individuals hoping to make Floyd’s, along with many other victims, name heard. Protesters of all different ages and all different races have come together, getting behind the movement called “black lives matter.” 

During this time, it has become especially important to support black-owned businesses, as unfortunately, the odds are often against them. Here is a list of black-owned businesses within that county to support:

  1. AoSA Coffee is a lovely cafe located in Huntington Beach. They sell cuisine items from coffee to tea, to acai bowls. 
  2. Beale’s Texas BBQ is a pared-down eatery located in Huntington Beach. This establishment offers Texas-style BBQ and southern sides and desserts. 
  3. Cloud 9 Bakers is an organic bakery in San Juan Capistrano that sells an array of items, from gluten and dairy-free bread to desserts to delicious sandwiches. 
  4. Grams Kitchen is located in La Palma. This restaurant offers different types of foods, as you can eat her for breakfast/brunch, or if you are craving some delicious Cajun. 
  5. Munchies Vegan Diner has the most amazing vegan options. They are located in Santa Ana and they sell some of the most scrumptious vegan burgers that make you never want to eat a “real” burger again.
  6. Protein Lab has some of the best superfood options in Orange County. From protein shakes to smoothies to acai bowls, this establishment offers some of the yummiest and healthiest foods.
  7. Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles has locations in both Long Beach and Anaheim. They offer the best chicken and waffles around, so much so, that many people have this on their list of restaurants to visit. 
  8. Sal’s Gumbo Shack is a Cajun restaurant, as it offers some of the best comfort foods. Madison Miller (12) especially “love[s] the fried chicken.” 
  9. Tribute Coffee House is a gorgeous cafe located in Garden Grove. Not only do they offer wonderfully-brewed coffee, but they also sell delicious foods, such as the popular ham and cheese croissant. 
  10. Laguna Candles is a beautiful candle store located in Laguna Beach. They offer the highest quality of candles and have a wide variety of scents. 
  11. C DOBBS Boutique is located in Newport Beach. They sell gorgeous clothing items for women and men. Also, they offer the most beautiful accessories.
  12. K.O. Dog Training is in San Juan Capistrano. This business has a team of professionals that personally connect and care for each dog. 
  13. Rock City Climbing Gym is located in Anaheim. They are great for both those wanting to learn how to rock climb, or those simply looking for a fun activity to take part in. 
  14. Sporty Cuts is a barbershop located in Irvine. They are affordable and do not disappoint, as they do some of the best hair cuts in the county.   
  15. Sandra Johnson Designs is located in Anaheim Hills. She offers classes, as she loves sharing her art. Johnson has been quilting for years and has established unique techniques throughout her years of experience. 

With this list, I hope you give these places a try! It is always important to support black-owned businesses, but especially during this time of tragedy, we must show our support, as it is necessary.