Senior Spotlight: Lily Johnson


courtesy of Lily Johnson

Senior, Lily Johnson, ends her final days as a Mustang at home and plans to attend University of Rhode Island in the fall.

Katherine Ortiz, Photojournalist

Sadly, our 2020 YLHS seniors do not have the privilege of the normal end of high school. No graduation. No senior day. Not even having the last months of high school with the people they have spent the past four years with. This senior spotlight falls on Lily Johnson (12), to give her the commemoration she deserves after her hard work and dedication at YLHS these past years.


Sadly, Johnson is just one of the seniors affected by quarantine, and this unusual end of school is difficult for everyone. Johnson states that it is difficult to no longer see her friends and classmates every day as she has for the past four years, and even longer for others. With optimism, Johnson adds that an unexpected benefit of this is her increased time spent with her family. 


Lily has been an amazing student and Mustang ever since her freshman year, taking part in WE club and ASB while gracefully handling her multitude of AP classes. Her academic success is not the only thing she has accomplished, as she has been part of our volleyball and soccer program for all four years of her journey at YLHS. Lily is a relentless player on the field, working hard no matter the outcome. Her teammates describe Lily as an amazing player with dedication to everything she does, going above and beyond.  


When asked about her overall high school experience, Johnson states it “was filled with ups and downs just like anything else in life. But overall [it] brought me great friendships and memories I will cherish forever.” The most difficult part of high school for Johnson was balancing her extracurriculars with zero period as well as ASB, three sports, and her friends. High school may be difficult at times, but Johnson made many great memories and her favorite was setting up the rallies for ASB and “getting the gym ready for the school and seeing it come to life the next morning.” 


In the fall, Johnson is attending University of Rhode Island and majoring in sociology. In her future endeavors, Johnson hopes to positively impact her community, no matter where her future takes her. Johnson is just one of the amazing and impactful students at YLHS, and she has truly poured her heart into this school throughout these past years. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her. Though this unusual school year was difficult, Johnson persevered, and her continual love for YLHS is clearly visible.