Looking Forward Not Back


Malieka Khan

A picture of a view from the Griffith Observatory taken before the pandemic to show the beautiful view waiting for people to see after the world is healthy and safe again.

Malieka Khan, Section Editor

People are constantly talking about what they are losing during a time such as now. But, a lot of the time they forget about the future. Though all feelings are valid and so so many people in the world right now are losing out on things they have earned and deserved and should be amazing moments, not many of those people are reminding themselves and the world one simple fact: life goes on. 

Think back to middle school, crying in your room over the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to you. That hyperventilating type of crying where you can barely catch your breath. You try not to be too loud because you just do not want to deal with your parents coming in and asking the classic “what’s wrong?”.  Feeling isolated and alone, like you will never come back from it. Never recover. 

Yet, you are not crying now. In fact, you probably did not even remember it until I reminded you of it. You may from time to time think about it and get bummed out. It probably molded you and taught you a lesson you will never forget. But, you are stronger because of it and got through it. Just like the world will with what is happening now. 

Now of course it goes without saying what is going on in the world right now is tragic. People are passing away, families are being split apart, and events around the world are being cancelled after years of hard work and planning. Those are horrible tragedies that no one should suffer from and feel belittled over. 

The small things, however, like the beach days with friends and the movies nights with significant others are also being cancelled. Yes, that (for lack of a better term) sucks. There is no other way to describe it. Losing out on the last months of high school for me and my friends has truly been rough. But, life goes on. 

With all the terrible things people are going through right now, we are truly lucky to say that life does go on for us, class of 2020 and to the students at Yorba Linda High School. Years will come and go for us and we will have so many more movies to see, people to meet, and beaches to swim in. Feeling sad about cancelling these things right now will definitely be a sad moment in our lives because it will never be the same as it is now for all of us. But, that does not mean there will never be anything else. Let alone anything better. 

Right now is a time not to be solely upset on the things that could not take place, but rather look forward to a time when these things will happen and be better than ever. To appreciate what we have and what we will have in time. During these difficult times, getting sad and upset is justified. Perhaps people feel a bit robbed of their rightful events that they so diligently worked towards. And that is all valid. Yet, in those times try and remember to think ahead. Think to the days when you will be getting that diploma or swimming in that water, and think about how much more you will appreciate it in the end. For now, stay strong.