The Brightside


Zoom has been a popular way for families to celebrate birthdays and other celebrations during quarantine.

Sarah Meadows, Section Editor

In times of distress, it is often very difficult to find the positives when the whole entire world seems to be focusing on the negatives. Nonetheless, during the Coronavirus pandemic, people have been desperate for some positivity in their lives, and have sought to find the good in a horrible situation. Here are a few of many positive impacts that have come from this worldwide crisis:


In regards to education, unequivocally, online learning is the ideal style of teaching. However, over the course of the distance learning, teachers and students have improved their technological knowledge. As a matter of fact, many believe that the face of learning has changed forever. In other words, the improvements in technology based learning will carry on when normal schooling returns. This will be especially appealing to those who need to take off large amounts of time from school in the future or for those who learn better in an outside of the classroom environment.


In terms of sanitation, the world as a whole will become a much cleaner place. People will be more inclined to wash their hands more thoroughly and more often, and places will be more inclined to sanitize their belongings more thoroughly and more often. In turn, this will result in a lowered percentage of individuals catching illnesses such as the flu, colds, and other transferable sicknesses. 


Moreover, the lockdown orders that have been implemented during the Coronavirus pandemic have created innovations to virtually stay connected with friends and family. For instance, virtual video chats, such as Zoom, allow large quantities of people to virtually chat online. For many, this will carry on after quarantine for those who live far distances from their loved ones and for those with busy schedules. Spencer Richmond (11) explained, “Over the course of this quarantine, I have had several Zoom calls with my whole entire family just to catch up with them and see what they were doing. I can definitely see us doing this after quarantine is over.”


Last but not least, the quarantine has without a doubt taught everyone to not take life for granted. From going to school to being able to see friends and family regularly, Covid-19 has allowed everyone to realize how grateful they should be for the little things they take for granted on a daily basis. Hopefully, when all is said and done, individuals far and wide will cherish the little things in life that mean the most in the end.