Should Spring Break Be Before or After Easter?


Blake Kingsbury

This year at YLHS, Spring Break is observed the week before Easter.

Blake Kingsbury, Photojournalist

It’s something everyone at YLHS looks forward to: Spring Break. After around three straight months of hard work and studying, students finally get a week to recharge their batteries and spend time with friends and family. This year’s Spring Break has a bit of a twist to it. Typically, Easter falls on the Sunday before the five days YLHS students have off. However, these past few years Easter is celebrated on the Sunday after those days, meaning that campus-goers return to YLHS the day immediately following the holiday. 

The overall opinion here at YLHS varies in whether or not having Spring Break before or after Easter is more preferable. One of the points that those who support having Spring Break before Easter make is that students cannot spend time with their non-local living families and friends on the day of Easter itself, if students have to return to school the very next day. By having the break the week after Easter, students can make plans with their families for the day of Easter and the following five days. It is very bittersweet to have to say goodbye to your long-distance friends and families right before the main event of the school hiatus has arrived. Jacob Lemos (11) agrees with this opinion. He stated that, “it’s definitely weird to come back to school right after a big family holiday like that. It also messes up some people’s travel plans, so it just makes more sense to me to have Spring Break after Easter.” 

Though it may seem as if the idea of having Spring Break after Easter is almost surely agreed on by all as the better option, some do still think that having Spring Break before Easter is not that big of a deal, or even a better choice than having it prior to the holiday. Those students might think that because of the ending of holiday excitement immediately after Easter is over. By returning to school right after, students would not feel as down about the holiday having passed by focusing on schoolwork and moving on with their daily lives. Others are okay with returning to school right after Easter because it simply doesn’t have the excitement and spirit of a holiday like Christmas. 

When asked about which style of a Spring Break he preferred, Jordan Amling (11) stated, “I’m okay with either option. Since Easter isn’t the type of holiday that is highly anticipated for weeks, it doesn’t feel as bad to come back to the YLHS campus as it would right after Thanksgiving or Christmas for me. However, I do understand the other side’s opinion of having the break before Easter because of travel conflicts.” 

Both sides have their pros and cons when it comes to the opinion of whether or not holding Easter before or after Spring Break is more beneficial. It really might just come down to how much Easter means to someone when deciding which choice is the better one. While the opinion on holding Spring Break before or after Easter here at YLHS is certainly very widespread, it’s still a week that high schoolers always anticipate highly. Either way, we all look forward to putting down our pens and pencils for a week, and getting some well needed rest!