How Churches are taking on Social Distancing


Photo Courtesy of Yorba Linda Methodist Church Youtube

Juliana Person (9) plays a piano piece for her church’s live stream April 19, 2020

Priscilla Kim, Photojournalist

As everyone knows due to the Coronavirus outbreak, stay-at-home orders have been implemented for California. This means the whole state has been required to quarantine themselves as much as they possibly can, limiting their contact with people and the outside in order to flatten the curve. The stay-at-home order even applies to churches, so how have churches taken on social distancing during COVID-19?

Many churches have been hosting live-streams on Sunday mornings so that families can still worship from home. This means the pastors, some staff, and the praise team will physically go to church and record their sermons live, requiring them to still wake up early in the morning and dedicate their time and effort for the church members who watch. 

Similar to school, churches have also been hosting zoom sessions and calls during the mid-week, so that they can still interact with church members from home without the hassle of having to stay 6 feet apart when outside and potentially prolonging the disease. Eunice Ham, who is a senior at Troy High School and attends Sarang Community Church, says that “it’s great to see my pastor and church friends on zoom because it allows me to communicate with them despite this tragic time.I miss everyone dearly and talking to them through a video chat reassures me that everyone is staying safe and healthy.” 

Church members are even sending in home videos of what their days have consisted of so that they can be posted during the Sunday live streams for everyone to watch. This allows families to relate to other families since they are going through similar situations at home too. Furthermore, these serve as updates that keep members sane and share ideas of other activities that they can do in their homes too. 

Some members even send in videos of them praising through musical instruments for it to be demonstrated on the live stream. For example, Brian Person (12), who plays the guitar and piano, and his younger sister Juliana Person (9), who sings and plays the piano, say that they “were more than happy to continue what they love doing at church, at home.” Even though the atmosphere is different than what they are used to at Yorba Linda Methodist Church, they expressed that nonetheless “it’s the same concept” and hope they can perform at church like they normally do once the quarantine is over. 

If churches can social distance so can everyone else. It is crucial at this time that everyone does their part to stay strong, healthy, and hopeful. So please stay at home and be creative with the extra time everyone has on their hands and use it to reflect and reset. This time should never be taken for granted and should serve as a constant reminder that life is a gift but also has its unexpected surprises. Through this aberrant and unprecedented event, it has compelled to persevere and be united as a society.