Healthy Distractions During Tough Times


Malieka Khan

Homemade cookies from scratch during quarantine to take my mind off the world for a little.

Malieka Khan, Section Editor

During this time of ongoing mental and physical distress many people are constantly being updated on the news with every waking moment. However, sometimes people just need a distraction. With friends not being able to be seen and family members being seen a little too often, people are in a mindset of consistent boredom and fear. Running away from problems is not a healthy way to deal with such an issue. Yet, having a distraction then returning to the situation can truly help one’s mindset on situations like these that people can not change. 

In my personal experience, time after time, year after year, and problem after problem, one main outlet has helped me be distracted in such situations: movies. Simply turning on a movie and being able to escape for an hour and a half at a time from the day to day life I had to live made me feel invincible. I could be transported to a new world and become whoever I wanted to be in it. New friends I would make along the way would turn out to be actors who then led me to different movies. 

In that process, I became enthralled in dialogue. The words these people would say, the passion in which they would say them, and, in return, the ways they would connect with me. They would understand me and the issues I would have to face day to day once the last half an hour of the movie came to a close. That dialogue is the reason I am sitting here typing this for my audience to read. It inspired me to create a connection with people to help them reach and distract them for a second or two from their everyday lives like other movies had done with me.

They have gotten me through my worst times like I hope television shows, books, music, and any other task is helping those who are now feeling debilitated by this pandemic. For me, this time has led to a loss of motivation. A lack of sleep, yet a lack of energy to be awake. Then, I watched a movie. A simple and random movie, yet somehow I began to open up again. Slightly, and not altogether of course, but a little. 

That is what I encourage the world to do right now. People are trying and working their hardest to be productive and counteract the issues going on around them. They feel that doing nothing means they are not doing enough, and in turn that leads them down a path of mental destruction from time to time. The people they love are being diagnosed, the nurses in their family are stuck alone in their apartments, and worst of all they feel powerless to change the course of anything. All they can do is sit and wait, alone.

So, I encourage those people to find something. An art, a science, a project, a game, a video, a recipe from scratch, a homemade face mask, a diy room design, a perfect cup of coffee, a person to call, or a movie to watch. There is no way to help the world without helping yourself get motivated first, I know first hand. 

When the world is on hold for the safety of others, finding a new hobby can take you out of that and even motivate you to recapture the light that you feel has been dulled day by day. There is no news to change how the world feels, but also no lack of importance on the subject either. Staying positive in a time like this may take a bit of distraction and that is okay. 

Together people are strong, but that does not mean we are weak alone. Sometimes it just takes a push and a nudge from something you truly connect to to help open your mind and come back to the real world with a mindset to conquer whatever comes next. Times like this show how strong people truly are, but also show how a little distraction and ease of stress can go a long way as well. Go be distracted for a couple of hours and live out your hobbies when needed during this time. Then, with a stronger mental clarity, come back and light the world in the positive way it needs.