The Best Local Hiking Spots


Emma Khamo

Trail surrounded by yellow sunflowers and daisies while walking around the Newport Marsh.

Emma Khamo, Section Editor

For many of us high school students, we have all resulted in hiking as a way to escape our homes, take a break from studying, get some good exercise, or hang out with a friend while keeping 6 feet apart. It seems like everyone is trying to find the perfect spot, and today I am here to try and help.


The first one is a Yorba Linda classic. To get to this hike drive up Fairmont, and turn left on the street Rimcrest. Once at the corner of this street, simply follow your way up until you find the head of the hike.


At the beginning of your hike, you can choose to go left or right. If you choose the left trail you will begin with a pretty steep walk up a hill but everything else is pretty flat. The trail is filled with yellow flowers, snails, and a stakeout spot with the most gorgeous view of Yorba Linda High School. This way is about 1.6 miles there and back. 


If you choose to follow the left route, you will be surprised at how hilly it is, but you will slowly start to hit flat ground. This hike is perfect if you are a lover of the mountains because you slowly start to trail into Chino Hills state park surrounded by big hills and mountains.


The next hike is closer to San Antonio park. Once you pass the park, keep driving up until you can turn right onto Casino Ridge (there is a parking lot, you can’t miss it). When parked you can follow the white fence all the way to the top where you can see a high view of Yorba Linda. At this point, you are walking up a straight hill, but the view is perfect, and on clear days you can see Catalina Island so clearly.


Now for the people that love nature, this Orange hike is perfect for you. The park in Santiago Oaks Regional Park, and you can park on the street leading to the entrance. This park is filled with dozens of trails for whatever you are feeling that day. At this hike, you truly feel like you have escaped the real world entirely and are completely walking within the earth because of how many trees, bushes, bunnies, lizards, and streams there are.


The last hike is perfect for my beach lovers. This hike is in Newport Beach and is at the Newport Back Bay. Parking is located on the street behind the YMCA and just cross the street to start. It is a couple of miles of pure beauty, water, and flowers. You are walking around the Newport marsh and have so many different trails to walk around. This hike is prime for taking pictures and Instagrams!!


In all, hiking has been on everyone’s weekly and daily to-do list and it is a perfect way to escape our current everyday lives and situations. Junior, Ashley Ruggles (11) says that “hiking has been something she looks forward to and loves exploring new places”. Stay safe hiking, Mustangs, and keep looking forward to the good that is coming out of these crazy times.