Tips On How To Limit Screen Time During Quarantine


Stephen Serrano

My daily screen time is definitely way too high for each day. I will be implementing these tips below to help change that.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Yup. We’re all stuck in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic which means several days spent at home with school work to keep up with. And when you are not working on schoolwork, your phone is only inches away from you. 

After a little over a month and a half since the stay at home order issued by Governor Newsom, your screen time has probably skyrocketed. Being on your phone, tablet, computer, and TV is not the best for your eyes and brain because of being overstimulated for long periods of time. As a result, I have created alternatives to limit your screen time during the quarantine.

  1. Read a Book

The old-fashioned excuse that your mom or dad always pulls on you— read a book. It’s as simple as that. Reading books can help you get away from social media, spark a new sense of imagination, and help you wind down if you need trouble sleeping instead of being on your phone. If you’re ever bored and there’s nothing to watch on Netflix or Hulu, try looking for a book on any of your dusty, untouched shelves to read. 

  1. Take a Nap

Because you are pretty much at home all the time, a great way to pass the day is by taking naps and giving yourself the best treat— rest. Give yourself a break from all the stress of studying for APs and other classes and catch up on the sleep you have been missing from all of the FaceTime and Zoom calls. 

  1. Play With Your Pets

Your dog, cat, hamster, etc. have probably never seen you at home for this length of time. Hopefully, another deadly pandemic this large will not occur again in our lifetime. Because of this, you can make a whole bunch of memories with your pets that you would not have time for in life pre-quarantine.

  1. Cook Something You Always Wanted to Make

Most restaurants, especially your favorite small businesses, are either closed or only open for takeout or drive-through. Since it’s either a hassle to get into a car to order food or to pay extra for a delivery fee, save your money by making meals at home. Not only will this limit your screen time, but you can brush up on your cooking skills and cook delicious meals for your family. 

These are just a few activities that you can do to get your eyes off of your screens and into a more relaxed state. Senior Savannah Pietsch (12) is “definitely going to try these tips out because [her] screen time is very high.” Make sure to stay safe and healthy, Mustangs!