Spring Fashion 2020 Guide


Claire Koltura

A collage of the view brands students at Yorba Linda High School shop at.

Claire Koltura, Photojournalist

Spring fashion is one of the most looked at things in fashion history while we search the runways or look for the latest trends. We know one thing: that passion is the key to how we express our style and personality. Going step-by-step through the latest trends that are coming to our stores this spring, we dive into the primary places many teens shop at.

A popular brand among teens, Urban Outfitters, gives that sensible, contemporary look for what high schoolers strive to look for. Baggy mom jeans from BDG or Levis set teens’ outfits a step into comfortability and style. Nevertheless, fashion designers are also bringing a more Bohemian style to women’s fashion for spring 2020. Lots of flowy dresses with loose bottoms are in stock, leaving room to move and still be comfortable. For shorts, designs are tight around the waist but bigger around the sides leaving for a more rustic look. Along with pants, flared style pants are giving a biggish look—there are a variety of different prints such as plaid, acid wash, strips, and color blocking. Women’s fashion offered by Urban Outfitters is all about a bohemianism vibe but still carries class. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends, Paige Porter (11) says, “When I shop at urban outfitters it gives me take on how I can upgrade my style.”

Some other brands teens at YLHS may shop for their spring fashion styles are those that follow. Free People is a brand that has a comfortable, chic style. Preferably on the pricier side, it still gives a mystical free spirit vibe with their spring collection. Here they offer flared pants and soft materials for shirts. Pacsun, Brandy Mellville, and Princess Polly, are common shopping places for girls to shop. Pacsun offers a men’s section as well. The men’s section at Pacsun has lots of bright pastel t-shirts and hoodies. In addition, the brand Columbia is being sold here. They offer numerous black shirts with colorful engraving to outline their brands’ names. Similarly, Lululemon is now bringing out their spring and summer for both men and women. Their tanks, shorts, and other clothing items are brighter and made with more durable material. All of these brands are some of which our Mustangs shop.

Closing in on these spring fashion trends, we can expect major things to come in the summer 2020 fashion, with bathing suits, trunks, shorts, and tops hitting the isles soon. The basis of fashion is constantly changing with more styles and new ideas affecting the clothes people wear. The future of fashion is critical to every element of the growing fashion industry. Whether or not these brands bring the old vintage style back or create novel designs, we now understand what we are going to see in stores during the fresh, bright springtime.