4 Tips on Staying Healthy During Quarantine


Stephen Serrano

I usually go on after-sunset walks with my brother to keep up my daily exercise.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

With the international pandemic sweeping our country and the world, the quarantine period of voluntary isolation has been trying on millions of Americans. Not only have the lives of many been flipped upside down, but what most forget is to keep themselves healthy. Because our routines and daily habits have changed, here are some tips to help keep our minds and bodies healthy.


  1. Stay Active

Quarantine has impacted a huge part of people’s lives– fitness. As gyms and non-essential businesses close, it is easy for people to get lazy and sit all day. Because we are not out and about walking, running, and working out like usual, it is important to keep a healthy, active regimen to stray away from being a couch potato. You can go on walks or runs in the neighborhood or nearby park, social distancing yourself at least six feet apart, of course. Getting the fresh air and exposure to sunlight can really affect your mood and overall well-being from being sluggish to energized.


2. Take a Shower Earlier

For numerous students, waking up at 1:00pm is the new norm. Due to waking up after midday, the trend is to stay in PJs and then take a shower after dinner. Even though most of the day is already finished, when you wake up, take a shower, so that you can be more productive and feel more awake for the rest of your day, or should I say night, ahead.


3. Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Thanks to FaceTime and other video calling apps, it is very easy to talk to your friends for hours on end into the depths of the night. Try sleeping earlier than usual and call your friends in the morning. Who knows when we will ever get the time to fix our body clocks again? 


4. Eat More Intentionally

When you are at school, it is much more difficult to eat snacks every hour, unless you bring them from home, however. Conversely, at home during quarantine, the pantry is just a couple of steps away at anyone’s disposal. Instead of eating whenever you are bored, eat your meals more intentionally so that you do not eat more calories than what your body is used to.

Senior Savannah Pietsch (12) “exercises daily with [her] family because [she] does not get the same amount of exercise compared to outside of quarantine.” These are just a couple of tips for you to live out the same healthy lives before quarantine, and if you were not living that healthily before, this is a great time to start.