The Virus More Widespread than Coronavirus


Courtesy of Forshay Learning Center

Senioritis has been around much longer than COVID-19 and has affected many more people.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

It’s the start of second semester senior year, and you have already been accepted into a few safety schools. Just like any other day, you get up for school, reluctantly rising from your deep slumber of eight hours and going through your morning routine. You freshen up, dress, settle in the front seat, and drive to school. The day goes by quicker than usual, and you notice that you weren’t paying attention in any of your classes. You are mentally drained for no real reason and have no passion nor drive to do assignments until the period before they’re due. You drive home and nap until you forget about your homework. 


You wake up the next day, and the cycle starts again.


Then you suddenly realize— you’ve caught the disease. The infection more widespread than the coronavirus— SENIORITIS.


Ahh. Senioritis. The term that’s been passed around so many times throughout your high school journey that you sort of forget the gravity of the problem. Senioritis is characterized by a lack of enthusiasm, energy, and proper attendance, leaving high school seniors exhausted and ready to move on to college.


At the beginning of senior year, students still carry the excitement and high of summer with them into fall festivities such as Homecoming, Halloween, and football games. But soon enough, the blood, sweat, and tears invested into numerous college applications create sleep-deprived zombies in our senior class. 


For many seniors, senioritis really kicks in after the first college acceptance. Because some students feel like they have made it into college and no longer have to try, the same energy from summer is completely gone. Not only is senioritis due to getting into college, but also the sense of feeling more grown up and adult-like. With many twelfth graders getting jobs and working part time to earn their own money, the determination to do better in school dwindles.


To combat this issue, seniors should try to take their last year of high school one step at a time. In other words, seniors should take in the last few months of childhood. 


Senioritis can be cured or combatted if you… Try something you’ve never done in your four years that you’ve always wanted to do. Make that move and ask your crush out on a date. Video tape or take pictures like a digital journal. Attend all the school dances. Make memories in the different parts of town you’ve never visited. Have the most fun possible in the last year with all your hometown friends. 


Instead of worrying about catching the infamous coronavirus, watch out for the most popular high school disease of all time. Don’t let senioritis get the best of you. Flip it and make the disease non-existent. Help your teachers not want to quit because of your low motivation, and show up to class eager to learn. 


Make the absolute most out of your last days in high school. Go out and slay senioritis.