Student Spotlight: Kayla Mckechnie


Kayla Mckechnie

Her bright smile is able to cheer anyone up. Her optimism will make anyone continue trying hard.

Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

Here at YLHS, there are many amazing and exceptional students that really make YLHS bright. However, among the many exceptional ones, one student that stands out is Kayla Mckechnie (10)

As a sophomore, Kayla takes high level classes with her schedule including: AP European History, Intermediate dance, Spanish 3 Honors, precalculus honors, Language Arts 2 Honors, and Chemistry Honors. She’s also in Science Olympiad! Despite all of these tough classes, her studious attitude helps her work hard and have a sense of continuous determination to start and finish her school years strong. Although it is stressful and sometimes a bit overwhelming for her to handle, she feels satisfied afterwards when she sees her hard work pay off with the amazing results. It is insane how she pushes herself to take all of these difficult classes and still never gives up. It is tough to find anyone with such a hard working mindset. Everyone who has seen how hard she works cannot help but admire her personality.

Her concern for the world is shown through the club she formed with her friends that promotes environmental awareness. The purpose of the club is to inform people about current issues going on, such as pollution, deforestation, global warming, etc. Kayla and her friends want to make changes regarding these problems by trying to provide opportunities to volunteer. They volunteer by doing beach cleanups or planting trees. Without a doubt, the world is slowly dying and slowly being destroyed as time goes on, and this club is currently trying to preserve the beauty and the future of the world. With such a phenomenal goal and mindset within this club, her sweet personality shows through the club.

It is amazing how she does all of these hard and time consuming classes or activities, and yet she never thinks that it is enough. She always strives to find better ways to improve. Her attitude towards studying is the ideal attitude anyone would want to have. She will meticulously try to perfect something, and she always will. When she makes even one mistake on a question, she starts to contemplate on what she could have done to avoid such a mistake. While many do not fuss over the details, Kayla is always careful and would pay attention to anything and everything that is important. Anyone would be satisfied with an A, but she strives for the A+,and sometimes she even tries to get over a 100%! To her, there are no limits.

Kayla Mckechnie is that one student that is hard to come across. Her beautiful personality as well as her studious attitude is what sticks out about her. She encourages those around her and always helps those that need help. Sophie Zhang (10) says, “Kayla is a hard-working and amazing individual. Being friends with her makes me want to push myself to excel in academic areas. A perfect friend that anyone can always count on. Without a doubt, Kayla is an exceptional mustang.