Sibling Rivalry at the Same School


Photo Courtesy of Tiana Salisbury

Siblings who take similar classes at school can benefit off of each other, but they can also be compared to one another.

Tiana Salisbury, Photojournalist

Seeing siblings attend the same school is no surprise to most students. It is logically easier for parents to do this and siblings also benefit from each other by attending the same school. However there are some major downsides to this, such as siblings being compared to each other by their parents. Speaking from first-hand experience, I believe it is safe to say that having a sibling at the same school as you can have both positive and negative impacts. 

Surprisingly enough, my sister and I share three of the same classes. As freshmen, it is comforting to have someone you know in your class, especially since we are entering a new school with many new people.

In class, my sister and I sometimes work together for partner projects because it makes life easier knowing that you don’t need to stress over your partner not doing their work. We also keep each other accountable for our grades and often help one another study for upcoming tests or quizzes. This is a win-win situation that benefits us both.

However, although it may seem like having a sibling at your school has mostly positive impacts, that is certainly not true. A common part of having a sibling is the non-stop comparison to them. My parents frequently compare my sister and me, whether it be for grades or academic awards. The worst part of this is if you are doing worse than your sibling, however this can lead to an urge to be better. This can sometimes lead to stress as you try to find a way to get ahead of your sibling by overstudying for every test or quiz. 

Analise Hopper (9) feels the same way and says, “I am sometimes compared to my younger brother for awards that I did not get, but this encourages me to work harder.” A huge part of sibling rivalry is trying to be better than them. However, the rivalry can easily be turned into inspiration, which is a stress-free way to work harder. Siblings can work towards being like each other in aspects where they may feel inferior. That way, both siblings can keep striving to be their best. 

In the end, there should be nothing more than a friendly competition between siblings. Even if being compared to your sibling makes you feel worse about your academic capabilities, it benefits you by pushing you to work even harder. After all, every person has their own strengths and weaknesses that express who they are.