High School Graduation Bucket List


Photo Courtesy of Falcon Press News

High school bucket List ideas for seniors

Priscilla Kim, Photojournalist

Looking at life after high school can be daunting as the end of senior year approaches. Not only will there be changes, but for the first time most students will have the most independence they will ever have to build new lives on their own terms. Friends or even acquaintances will be moving around the country, meeting new people, and studying to reach their career goal. Instead of worrying too much about the future, it is important for seniors to finish up their studies strong, make the most out of what they have left, and seize their last few moments of high school. A bucket list is the perfect opportunity to plan out all the fun activities to do before graduating and build lasting memories with your dearest friends. Here are just a few examples of activities that you may want to put down on your bucket list if you are graduating. 

1. Wake up at 5am to watch the sunrise with your closest friends.

Although it may be difficult to wake up at such an early hour, grab some coffee and

friends and head on down to a hiking spot or the beach to watch the sunrise and 

appreciate nature’s beauty. 

2. Go to a drive-in movie theater at sunset, bring lots of blankets!

Drive-in movies are the perfect idea for a weekend activity to do with your closest friends. Make sure to cozy up and pack a lot of snacks and jam to some great tunes on the way. 

3. Tell your favorite teacher how they have impacted you. 

Before leaving school, tell your favorite teacher how they’ve impacted you with a letter, a small meeting after a class, a gift, or via a grad photo with note on the back. Time tends to move pretty fast once you start university, so make sure to convey everything that their presence, influence, and dedication have meant to you! They’ll really appreciate the time you took.

4. Road Trip!

Road trips are a great way to get outside of your town and build memories with your friends. It doesn’t even have to be far, whether its taking a day trip to San Diego or a weekend getaway to somewhere farther away like San Francisco, there is something rejuvenating about getting away and experiencing something new

5. Cook a whole dinner meal with your friends.

Go grocery shopping for your favorite meal and try to recreate it with your friends at home. It’s a great way to save money and make something delicious.

6. Movie/ show marathon

Gather at one of one of your friends’ houses or your own and binge watch your favorite movies or shows. Make sure to bring the best snacks and blankets.

7. Beach day

Go to the beach for a fun and relaxing day. Maybe work on that tan that you have been trying to get or simply play in the water. California does have the best beaches, might as well put it to use!

8. Go to as many senior events possible

Whether it’s mandatory or not, go to as many senior events as possible, pick a few activities you know you’ll enjoy, and plan ahead.

9. Go on a fun photo-shoot

Grab your phone, camera, and search your town for great places to take photos! Bring a friend or more and get artsy with light, composition, and poses!

10. Relax and Graduate

Don’t stress too much about college and the future, focus on now and look forward to graduating this June.

When asked if she was excited for graduation, Kayla Woodson (12) says that she is “scared but enthusiastic about the years to come” and that “now is the time to make long-lasting memories with your friends that you can remember forever, even after high school.” Good luck to all the Yorba Linda High School seniors, you’ve made it this far, now finish off strong.