Always Choose Boost

How Words Affect Us


Zachary Ninomiya

Words affect our daily mental health and how we live our lives more than most think.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Words. The complex thing we are taught at a young age to use to communicate such as “hello,” “goodbye,” “I’m happy,” or “I’m sad.” From speaking to our parents through language or reading this very sentence, words make up our world and give humans a way to express themselves, document history, speak to each other, and so much more.


Without words, our world would be an extraordinarily different place. Imagine not being able to sing your favorite song or say “I love you” to your parents. That’s our world without words– without basic communication. 


But because we do have words in our world, there are so many things to be said, made, written, and created. 


The manner in which we use words can affect our day-to-day lives. As with the weather, words are always a given, but depending on the day, these simple sounds can be thunderous or calm. 


As high schoolers, we are nearly fully molded into young adults with dreams, aspirations, and goals of our own. With our age, communication and independence are vital and provide a glimpse into adulthood. The expectations which increase with age also come with responsibility and accountability, especially in regards to what we say and express. 


A couple of words can ruin a person’s career. A couple of words can make someone’s day. A couple of words can tip a student off the edge and commit suicide. A couple of words can create long-lasting friendships. Those couple of words are more powerful than we know and give them credit for.


Use your words to build people up, surrounding the receiver like a freshly laundered blanket. Don’t speak in a malicious manner to anyone like a gunshot to the heart. When the youth learns to utilize our words for the good, society will be a much happier place. With this in mind, good vibes can radiate through people and those interacting with them.


It might not be as easily said than done, however. Not every single thing we say will be the statement that will end cancer, but speaking or typing words which do not hurt others is a step in the right direction. Knowing to think before she speaks in order to prevent something from coming out wrong, Anjolie Jang (12) is “more aware of what [she] says to others in case it hurts someone’s feelings.”


Now, go out and use your words. Rap that verse, write that essay, and profess your love to your crush. Your words can be uttered like a bullet and break someone down or like a boost of positivity to make someone’s day. Before you text, email, or speak, always choose boost.