Raising Cane’s comes to Anaheim Hills


Photo Courtesy of Raising Cane's

New Raising Cane’s comes to Anaheim Hills

Priscilla Kim, Photojournalist

Raising Cane’s has been all the craze for the past few years with its menu consisting of chicken fingers, texas toast, crinkle-cut fries, coleslaw, and their famous Cane’s sauce. But with its simple menu, where does all the popularity of this restaurant stem from?

Raising Cane’s originated as a college dream of Todd Graves, a vision of a restaurant that served the highest quality and freshest chicken finger meals. It was not until after college until Graves started his mission to create this restaurant, but of course he went through many trials and  tribulations beforehand. Not even his professor in college said that opening a chicken finger restaurant would succeed. Despite this, Grave did not give up. He had to work multiple jobs such as working as a boilermaker in oil refineries to commercial salmon fishing. Eventually he was able to gather enough money with the help of a loan to construct the first Raising Cane’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

According to Business Insider, Raising Cane’s is the “fastest-growing restaurant chain in the US,” and has gained a “loyal following by focusing on just one thing: chicken fingers.” With over 400 locations open in the United States, this restaurant has proven to be a fan favorite. Furthermore, it has “added the bonus of offering the fastest drive-thru service in the industry,” according to QSR Magazine. 

Fried chicken is so popular right now and thanks to its minimalist menu and main focus on chicken fingers, Cane’s offers something a little different compared to other chains such as Chick-fil-A or KFC. Once one gets there, there are simply two questions that are asked, most likely on the lines of “How many chicken fingers do you want?” and “How do you want them?” 

Most people say that they love Cane’s due to their extremely fast service after they order. For example, Nick Deang (12) says that he loves Cane’s because, “the service there is great because one, my food always comes out in about five minutes and two, the employees there seem to have your best interests, if you have any questions or are unsatisfied with your meal. I love that there is one in Anaheim Hills now, it’s so close and convenient.” 

When asked why they love Raising Cane’s so much, Amanda Hansen (12) stated that, “Their chicken actually tastes like good quality chicken compared to fast food restaurants like McDonalds and paired with the Cane’s sauce is like a match made in heaven. Everything from their chicken to their fries is perfect. I think people are so drawn to Cane’s because of the atmosphere as well, everyone will always have a good time.”