How to Survive Valentine’s Day: Single


Sydney Barnes

Going out to dinner with your best friends for Valentine’s Day can make the holiday so much more fun.

Abbie Muther, Photojournalist

Valentine’s Day can be a hard holiday for some. It’s easy to love the day when you have a significant other to share it with. For others, February 14th can be dreadful. Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Use the day to show some love to yourself..

One way to spend Valentine’s Day single is by hanging out with your friends. Hanging out with your friends might be something that you do every day, but do something a little different. It could be getting your friends little Valentine’s surprises or going to see a movie. This year, Mustang Idol is on Valentine’s Day, so get a couple friends and come watch some of the talented Mustangs we have here at YLHS.

For the girls, it is really popular to celebrate Galentine’s Day. Instead of celebrating with a significant other, celebrate with your girls. Get all of your girl friends together and get “dressed up and go out to a nice dinner or have a sleepover and watch movies all night long,” as Bri Jones (10) recommends. Having your girls around can make being single on Valentine’s Day much more bearable. 

Valentine’s Day is also the perfect day to try something new. Take the day to go get a new hair style or go to your favorite restaurant. It is important to realize that sometimes you need to be a little selfish and do things for yourself. It is so important to branch out, so try something that you have never done.

It is also important to take time for yourself, by yourself. So staying in on Valentine’s Day and pampering yourself can be beneficial. Go to a restaurant by yourself; binge watch your favorite show. It is a day to celebrate the love that you have for yourself. Also, celebrate being single. Not only is February 14th Valentine’s Day, but it’s also Singles Awareness Day. Celebrate the fact that you don’t have to do anything for anybody else, such as sharing your food or figuring out a movie that both people want to watch. Take time to enjoy the added independence and freedom that comes with being single.

Valentine’s Day is looked at negatively by many. The day does not have to be used to celebrate couples. It is important to take time to check up on all of the people you love as well as yourself. On Valentine’s Day, take time to relax and give yourself credit for everything that you have been doing. Take time to hang out with your best friends or catch up on your favorite show. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to celebrate the love between couples, but the love you have for yourself and your friends.