How to Relieve Holiday Stress


Malieka Khan

This is a picture of the Netflix Christmas movie list where over 50% are original movies.

Malieka Khan, Section Editor

With winter break coming just around the corner, people everywhere are looking forward to waking up past 10am and coming home after 10pm. Though it is true that before the peaceful, calm break there is an almost a tremendous amount of stress put upon students. 

From finals to homework to projects, it seems as though break is set simply to survive the rest of the year. School is simply one part of the stress. With holiday running around through families and gifts, it’s as if most of the people in the world are at their all time high stress. As Justin Lopez (12) states, “As the holidays approach closer, so do the deadlines and stress that comes with them.”  

Even in this stressful time leading up to the holidays, there are ways to calm down and decompress. From movies to music to simply just cuddling under a warm blanket, relieving stress is a big help when enjoying the holidays. 

If family ever gets too much, pop in your favorite Christmas movie and drink some warm hot chocolate and simply let your mind wander. By doing so, though the stresses may not forever be gone, they can be left out the door for enough time to compose yourself and move into a better headspace. 

Also, doing a fun activity like watching the rain or going to a coffee shop and ordering your favorite Christmas drink could be a fun little treat to remind yourself that the holidays are a time for love and joy, even for yourself when it may seem too stressful to remember so. 

Not to mention just doing anything to get out of your head space will help immensely with the stress that may be overtaking your life. When getting gifts, make it a fun experience with friends or family. If doing work may seem too stressful at times, perhaps meet friends at a library or place where everyone can just be in each other’s company so the lonely stress is not as loud as it could be. 

In the end, the holiday season is truly a time for joy, so do not forget my fellow mustangs to also put that joy on yourself as well as others. Try to live a stress free holiday season with the ones you love and the ones who love you. Take time for yourself and accomplish what you need and perhaps this could be your best Christmas for the first time in a while.