Jingling Jeans and More


photo courtesy of Sarah Meadows

It is “cool” to wear a wide variety of different clothing brands, such as Converse, Levi’s, and Stussy.

Sarah Meadows, Section Editor

Here is a challenge: name something harder than trying to look both presentable and comfortable on a rainy winter day. The challenging part about winter fashion is that style must combine with practicality to make for the perfect outfit. Nonetheless, a challenge is always fun when you conquer it. So here are six simple tips and tricks to try out this winter:


Number one: Layer your clothes! You can always put a long sleeve shirt under almost any t-shirt. Find a solid colored long sleeve shirt that matches with an accent color of the t-shirt and pair it with the t-shirt and a pair of pants. 


Number two: Denim is in! Whether that be jeans or a jean jacket, denim is a stylish way to spice up any outfit and stay warm in the winter. As a matter of fact, you can even pair jean on jean depending on the washes of the pieces of denim. 


Number three: Wear beanies! Beanies are one of the best ways to not only stay warm but also improve any outfit within seconds. As inexpensive as they are, you can buy many different colored beanies and throw on whichever one matches with your outfit of the day.


Number four: There is nothing better than cute socks. Do not be afraid to wear cozy socks to keep your feet warm. In fact, pairing long socks and some shoes, such as high top Converse, can elevate your outfit with such a simple addition.


Number five: It’s sweater weather! A simple sweater and jeans always makes for the perfect winter outfit. And do not forget about those vintage “ugly” sweaters stored in your attic all year long. Vintage is in!


Number six: Another trend that is in right now is oversized clothing. From oversized t-shirts to oversized sweatshirts, pairing these pieces with leggings makes for easy, minimal-effort outfits perfect for early mornings. 


Elise Eckberg (11) explained, “Even though it is sometimes difficult to dress cute when you’re just trying to stay comfy and cozy on a cold day, styling winter clothing is always fun because of the limitless options there are to mix and match.” Mixing and matching different articles of clothing can be stressful when you are trying to find a cohesive outfit that compliments itself. But with these six simple tips and tricks, anyone can put together both a stylish and practical outfit. If you do not believe me, try it out yourself!