Holiday Cookies: Hot or Not?


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Pillsbury ready to bake Christmas tree shape sugar cookies cool down on the pan.

Riley Pietsch, Photojournalist

As the weather cools down and holiday decorations are pulled from their bins, stores have begun to release their winter items. Clothes and decor are dedicated to winter ideas. Snowflakes appear on towels and pine trees are the main scent of the candles on the shelves. But one of the most important items of them all are winter cookies. From Target to Costco, each and every store has rushed to be the first store with peppermint and eggnog filled treats on display. Some of the hottest cookies this season include the Milano candy cane cookies, Oreo peppermint bark, and Pillsbury ready-to-bake Christmas tree-shaped sugar cookies. All three cookies are wonderful to gnaw on as you sit around the fire, but let’s break down their qualities.

Milano cookies are already known to have the most delicious chocolate cookie, but for the holidays, they have released the delicious candy cane flavor. With the crisp, mint taste, these cookies are hard to put down. They are easily accessible, as they can be found in most mainstream stores, but, because they are limited edition and extremely popular during the holidays, there are often very few packages on the shelf. The elegant flavor of the candy cane accompanied by the richness of the chocolate, it is quite difficult to turn these cookies down. They are also the perfect size to bring along to a holiday party and pass out to friends.

Every individual has tried the classic Oreo. Cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies seem to be one of the most popular cookies on the market. So, when winter rolls around, it is inevitable that Oreo releases their winter edition of their infamous cookie. The peppermint bark Oreo cookie is overflowing with flavor. That peppermint taste seems to be what sells these cookies because Yorba Linda High School attendee, Sammy Baloch (11) claims that they are, “the perfect amount of minty.” Their adorable presentation with peppermint bark lingering throughout the cream is one of their many selling points. They too are seen in most stores and can be found in abundance on most shelves.

Finally, the Pillsbury ready-to-bake Christmas tree-shaped sugar cookies are one of the most revolutionary winter cookies ever. With their traditional sugar cookie taste, these cookies never seem to miss the mark. These cookies take just a few minutes in the oven to be consumption ready. With their festive tree image and prepared dough, they are unbelievably easy to throw in the oven and eat within minutes. They can sometimes be difficult to get ahold of because of their immense popularity and following. Although, their classic taste is worth the hunt because YLHS student Sunny Cheng (11) explained that they are her, “favorite holiday treat.”

While holiday parties fill the calenders, festive treats always prove to be an essential party favor. So, as you search the isles of your local grocery store, you may find yourself facing an overwhelming amount of options. After all, every brand has been quick to the race, in hopes of being the first to the shelves. Milano candy cane cookies, Oreo peppermint bark, and Pillsbury ready to bake Christmas tree-shaped sugar cookies all have proved themselves to be well-rounded candidates. If you are looking for a rich chocolatey, yet minty taste, the Milano cookies are definitely your best bet. But if you are searching for that classic Oreo cook with a winter twist, the peppermint bark Oreo’s are the way to go. Finally, if you are willing to wait a few minutes to chew on some scrumptious sugar cookies, then purchase the Pillsbury cookies. Whether you like Oreo’s or sugar cookies, one thing is for sure, this holiday season will be filled with some of the best winter cookies.