Embarrassing Moments Are the Ones We Remember



The man is embarrassed about something and will probably remember it for a long time.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Photojournalist

Remember the time you tripped and fell on your face in front of the whole class? Or the time you completely froze while giving a class presentation? You probably remember it and laugh back at the memory. Every high school student has embarrassed themselves numerous times. In the moment, we feel judged and mortified. But when we remember it in the future, we cherish the memories we’ve made.

In contrast, do you remember giving a speech in class where everything went perfectly? It probably happened, but since there was nothing significant about it, we don’t remember it. Our minds are like history textbooks. They gather loads of information from our past, but when we read it, only the interesting things stick out. 

It’s well known that high schoolers are dramatic and over-react to simple situations. However, humiliating experiences are what make high school fun. In the moment, our friends will laugh and may even tease us. But years later, we’ll end up teasing ourselves in the same way. Karina Shah (10) says “I’ll always remember the times I did something humiliating. Those memories are the ones that make school and life in general fun. Sometimes, I even bring up those memories to laugh with my friends.” 

Not only does embarrassing ourselves give us fun memories, it makes people love being around you. Those who show confidence by sharing their embarrassing moments are social magnets. People who are funny by being vulnerable attract others because they seem relaxed.

Our friends go through embarrassing moments as well. However, we don’t remember them. Even if we don’t look back at our past and laugh, it’s good to know that no one else really remembers it anyways. We are so occupied with ourselves that we don’t care about how others seem. It’s almost like dressing up for a party. We are so concerned with how we look and don’t really pay attention to the rest of our friends and family.

A piece of advice: Don’t refuse to feel embarrassed in these situations of humiliation. It only makes you seem more awkward. Instead, embrace the imperfection. Years in the future, when looking back at the past, you won’t regret how you reacted. Embarrassing situations will occur no matter what. But try to enjoy them in the moment as well as after.

Go ahead! Fall on your face in front of the whole school. If something embarrassing happens to you at school, work, or really anywhere, just know no to take yourself so seriously. Everyone’s human and nobody is perfect.