Women’s Varsity Golf: A Force to be Reckoned With


Olivia Yerkes

Some of the ladies from the Women’s Varsity Golf team smile before they head out onto the green to face their opponents.

Riley Pietsch, Photojournalist

Each year, Yorba Linda High School thrives in both sports and academics. With impressive teachers and coaches, it is undeniable that our students prove their excellence on and off the fields. Women’s Varsity Golf continuously makes their athleticism evident at Yorba Linda through their profound performance in this year’s golf season.

With their immense precision and loads of determination, these ladies truly left it all out on the course. Each match, the hours of practice spent daily were shown in their scores. This year, the ladies came out in second overall in the league due to their success in their match against our rival team, Esperanza. Scoring 230-237, the stakes were extremely high for the highly anticipated match. Olivia Yerkes showed off her great skill when she scored an immaculate score of just two under, leading her team to their victory.

This year’s league final, four teams were matched against each other. Villa Park, Esperanza, Foothill, and our very own Mustangs were put to the test to see who had the most talented individuals on their roster. Natalie Neal shot the low round in both of the tournaments and competed in CIF individuals. With the performances displayed during the two days of golf, it was clear that these ladies were more than prepared to face their strong opponents. Other team members included Olivia Yerkes, Sarina Tayui, Payton Dawson, Kelsie Flanders, and Catherine Kang, who all contributed to the overall success that the girls faced this 2019 season.

Mr. Riggs worked endlessly to ensure these ladies were nothing but the best once they stepped foot on the green. As Olivia Yerkes (11) explained, “Coach Riggs worked with us every day to make our successes attainable.” Every day, immediately after the last bell, these girls commute to Black Gold Golf Course to perfect their skills and ensure greatness out on the green. Together with hard work and countless hours of practice, the girls were able to reach second in league and be apart of the team with the lowest scoring individual.

As for the future of Women’s Varsity Golf, there is nothing these ladies cannot accomplish. These girls will be put to the test yet again on Tuesday, November 5th. Combined with all of the immense pieces of training, and team bonding activities, we mustangs do not doubt that these girls will be very strong competitors out on the course and bring home those medals.