The Boring Routine of a High School Student


This image shows students walking to class in their same daily routines.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Photojournalist

What does the average high school student’s schedule consist of? The majority of their day is usually spent going to school, coming home to do homework, watching TV, and going to bed. After months, or maybe even years, this will soon become a repetitive and boring lifestyle. Students may be involved in sports or clubs in school, but constant daily schedules can cause a sense of boredom among students.


High school years are supposed to be fun and memorable. But when teens are captivated by their phones and/or choose not to go to school events, high school can flash by in an instant. Students are wasting time in an endless loop of doing the same thing every day.


Students may be too busy after school, that they simply do not have time to do any fun activities. How long will students last until they give up or find no purpose in their daily routines? Students can lose passion in activities they actually find entertaining. Soon, the world will be full of people who don’t feel as if they have a purpose or don’t do anything but work and watch T.V.


Students are not being productive and don’t spend quality time with friends or family. They tend to watch videos or movies on Youtube, Netflix, Instagram, Hulu, etc. According to Common Sense Media, among teens who use a smartphone, the average time spent using it is four hours and 38 minutes. Teens are becoming more inclined to doing the same activities every day that it’s almost sad to see them waste so many hours of so many days.


Although it’s clear to see that students can get bored with the same routines, it is also possible that they may not even notice. Days can go by and students begin to become accustomed to the same habitual day: Danielle Huizar (10) says “having the same schedule everyday can get boring, but it goes by fast because you already know what goes on every hour of every day.” 


In order to combat the boredom that students may face after months of the same routine, teens should reduce the amount of time spent on media, increase the amount of time spent with family and friends, and make memories in high school. High school is only a part of everyone’s life for four years. These few years should be spent wisely and not wasted down the drain.