Volcano Eruption on Big Island

Mt. Kilauea erupts on the Big Island, Hawaii.


Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

Lily Rajaee, Photo Journalist

After some time of inactivity from the volcanos on the Big Island, Hawaii, Mt. Kilauea surprised locals with a sudden eruption.

The lava has been slowly moving from Mt. Kilauea for the past couple weeks. It has been traveling towards the village of Pahoa at speeds of 10 to 15 yards per hour while also moving across a cemetery.

However, the lava has recently reach residential and commercial areas on the big island, raising serious concerns for Americans in Hawaii.

So far, one house has been destroyed by this natural disaster. Meanwhile, residents of about 50 homes are urgently preparing to evacuate and move to safer regions. Many have been slowly emptying their homes of their belongs and furniture. Brooke Gagnon (10) commented, ”

After hearing the frightening stories of damage caused from the eruption, Mustangs are thinking of what they would do in place of the individuals in Pahoa Village. Bridgette Roberts (10) commented, “I would probably pack everything up including my family, dog, and important items;then, I evacuate as soon as possible.”

Additionally, many roads have been completely blocked by the lava flow, making it difficult for rescuers and residents to travel around the island. Meanwhile, 83 national guard troops are being trained in order to be deployed in the community this coming week.

Obviously, residents must be extremely cautious when living in an area with such high risk to volcanic disasters. The molten rock tops temperatures of 1,650 degrees  fahrenheit and can completely engulf any homes or buildings.

Experts predict that the flow will eventually reach the ocean, which is currently about 6 miles away. With this prediction, local authorities have assured Hawaiian citizens that they are able to control the movement of the lava, and prevent further residential damage.

Certainly, the eruption of Mt. Kilauea has shocked citizens around the Big Island, Hawaii. With the help of national guard troops and local efforts, Hawaii is doing everything they can in order to deal with this natural disaster in a safe and organized manner.