Student Spotlight: Brandon Vega


Shayda Roshdieh

Smiling and full of school spirit, Brandon Vega poses for a picture with his fellow ASB members.

Riley Pietsch, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School is known for having remarkable students. From its amazing business program, to the high-performing football team, YLHS does not mess around when it comes to talent. Each and every student showcases their different expertise. With about 1800 students, many go unrecognized. Brandon Vega (11) is one of the many exceptional students here at YLHS. 

Brandon is in ASB, where he can be found working to make the high school experience nothing but enjoyable for his fellow peers. Being a staff member since his sophomore year, Brandon has made the betterment of his school his main priority. Also, Brandon is the Junior Secretary/Treasurer for YLHS. He represents the junior class and keeps track of finances for the school, proving his responsibility. Junior president Shayda Roshdeih (11) commented that “Brandon is the type of person that you know will always be there for you, especially in ASB.”

Not only does Brandon put a great deal of his time into ASB, he also focuses on his studies. Being in both AP Calculus and AP Biology as a junior, Brandon spends most of his free time completing homework and studying for tests. He has received a GPA of 4.0 or higher every semester at YLHS and has worked very hard to do so. 

Besides being an exemplary academic, Brandon is also a dedicated athlete. Running for Men’s Varsity Cross Country, Brandon spends hours on end practicing for the demanding sport. Those who are close to Vega, such as Sunny Cheng (11), explain that he constantly, “works to get a better running time.” Brandon has been apart of Cross Country at YLHS since his freshman year and has truly found a passion for the sport. From his involvement as a class officer, to his extraordinary academic performance, it is hard to believe that Brandon has any spare time to devote to such a rigorous sport. Although, Brandon Vega (11) says that, “cross country is what keeps [him] sane” adding that it “helps clear [his] mind.”

It is evident that Brandon excels in school, but he also is the best friend to all those around him. With his bright smile and welcoming attitude, Brandon can not help but form connections with those he meets. The ones who are lucky enough to call Brandon a friend get to see first hand how spectacular he is. His bubbly personality, combined with his big heart, Brandon is a friend people can only dream of having. Not only is he a shoulder to cry on for his friends, he also can lighten the mood with his witty sense of humor. 

Brandon really is the full package. From being an intense competitor on the course, to being a friend you could vent to, he is a unique human being. He works restlessly to make YLHS a safe and welcoming environment for his peers. In the classroom, he is focused and prepared to learn, but also knows how to have a good time. He is a true friend to all those around him. Brandon Vega is undeniably the definition of a Mustang.