Teacher Spotlight – Mr. Hipwell

Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Hipwell at Yorba Linda High

Mr. Hipwell

Mr. Hipwell at Yorba Linda High

Karina Shah, Photojournalist

Mr. Hipwell (Staff) is a new teacher at Yorba Linda High School for multiple subjects. He teaches AP Physics, chemistry, and honors biology this year. Though, it may come as a shock to some but he has already spent three fragmented years prior to now on the campus. Mr. Hipwell was a substitute teacher here for mainly the science department in those three years. He had worked with classes of chemistry even during challenging lessons. His experience here has changed him and created his burning passion for teaching. During the interview Mr. Hipwell (Staff) comments to this matter by saying, “Yorba Linda was very influential to me wanting to be a teacher.”


As he explains Yorba Linda High School’s influence on his career, Mr. Hipwell mentions those who had helped him adjust the best. ‘’Mrs. Ward is like my mentor,” he claims. He goes on to talk about how he and Mrs. Ward met after teaching a lesson for her class during his time as a substitute. They worked together throughout his substitution, and when he transferred to be a teacher here, she played an important role in his adjustment. She helped him plan lessons, run by ideas, adjust to campus culture, and make him feel at home. 


When asked the best part of Yorba Linda High School, he answers, “The strong school pride.” “The Mustangs are known for their school pride.” In addition, he adds how he enjoys “campus culture”, by which he means the students’ interactions with each other and the interactions between the students and staff. He especially enjoys the work environment within the faculty at Yorba Linda High School. 


As for his future at Yorba Linda High School, Mr. Hipwell has a bright one. He hopes to someday become a part of the musical theater helping staff and band staff. As he enjoys all aspects of theater and band this would be a great opportunity for him to share his influence on students. He plans to work at the high school for a very long time as a part of the Mustang staff. Yorba Linda High School has made a memorable impact on his life, and to conclude he says, “It is why I wanted to become a teacher.” He hopes for a great 2019-2020 school year and looks forward to getting to know his students and more faculty!