Football to U.S. History: Mr. John Domen


John Domen

Mr. and Mrs. Domen at Lobster Fest in Long Beach. Mr. Domen is one of the newest teachers here on campus.

Emily Eslao, Photojournalist

Since YLHS first opened in 2009, the school continues to grow in merit and in spirit. At the heart of this growth is the constant dedication and support of the YLHS staff. With the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, YLHS is proud to welcome recent additions to its administration. Students may have noticed new faces on campus: Mr. John Domen (Staff) is one of these new teachers, and now that he’s here he wants to form strong connections with the students and staff of this community.


Mr. Domen (Staff) has shared that he wishes “…to get to know [his students] better as the year goes on.” Mr. Domen grew up here in Brea, California, going to school in Golden Elementary, Tuffree Middle, and El Dorado High. Once he graduated high school, he attended Santa Ana Jc. until transferring to Western Oregon with a football scholarship. At Western Oregon, he majored in criminal justice and minored in social sciences. 


Although this will be his first year teaching full-time, Mr. Domen is not unfamiliar to YLHS. This will be his seventh consecutive year coaching our football team, and last spring he student-taught economics and world history at YLHS. This year, he can be found in room P2 teaching U.S. history and world history. However, teaching is not the extent of his interests. Mr. Domen has expressed a particular passion for football, PK Burgers breakfast burritos, and spending time in Lake Havana, Arizona, with his wife and family.


So far, Mr. Domen has only good things to say about YLHS. He has mentioned that the staff is “extremely friendly and helpful” and “[his] students are all great.” Hopefully he has found YLHS to be a welcoming community. Like many others, Mr. Domen (Staff) feels that “[his] first few weeks…here [at YLHS] have been exciting.”


Mr. Domen plans to teach here as long as possible, and in the year(s) ahead he will develop from a new face on campus to one of familiarity. As he teaches he works to “set a good example for [his] students” in the hope that they “obtain the skills needed to make a positive impact in the community,” says Mr. Domen (Staff). With this goal in mind, he is sure to impart his knowledge and experience to both the students and community of Yorba Linda High School.