Campaign Strategies


This is a picture of the several different strategies students have used during the campaign.

Malieka Khan, Editor

In the past years at Yorba Linda High School (YLHS) the students have elected their student body presidents as well as ASB presidents into office. The campaign is a major factor on who is elected into office overall. With this in mind, those running have began to go above and beyond their means to stand out amongst the crowd of other campaigners.

This year the competition is strong and tight between all the candidates and their individual positions. As one candidate Darby Rose (11) states, “it is definitely hard to fit everything into the $75 limit and is stressful as well as takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end it is definitely worth it, especially when the results are in your favor”. Overall this goes for all the positions that are being competed for this year in both ASB and per student body class.

The trend of t-shirts has become heavily popular this year, sparking from last year’s idea of having some of the supporting student body wear them. This year, to push out some of the competition and stand out, many candidates have chosen bright colors that stand out in a crowd, such as neon green and bright yellow, so they are visible to anyone who can see across the campus.

The usage of social media is also very prevalent especially on such platforms as Snapchat that is has the ability to be gone in 24 hours. This utility is perfect for those campaigning so they can advertise on many different accounts for those to see, without any commitment of permanent viewment on an account such as Instagram.

Many students running this year have began to hand certain items out that can be useful to students such as erasers and pencils so that way even when a student is in class, they have use for the items they receive rather than something they wish to throw away. Also, the items have become more interactive in a way so that many people will want to have them such as bubbles and whistles.

In the end, many people believe that though the campaigns do matter, much of the elections are predetermined in the sense that they are chosen more so on personal bias over true promotion or even merit. Though those elected are definitely fit for the job, many people do question in what ways were they truly elected in the end.

Overall, with the conclusion of the elections, many students are proud of the candidates that had been chosen. The list of those who had won had been filled with bright YLHS students who are not only fit, but passionate towards their jobs and will lead the Mustangs into a better year both in ASB as well as per class.