Student Gossip

This shows the students across the campus daily talking about the teachers.

This shows the students across the campus daily talking about the teachers.

Malieka Khan, Editor

Teachers and students are more similar than many believe. As proven in a recent Wrangler “Tea With Teenagers” podcast, teachers have cliques, talk about students, and even go to each others’ classrooms during lunch and break to sit with together much like us students do. That being said, teacher gossip and student gossip follow along very similar lines.

Teachers are among the central topics of gossip around campus much like students are for teachers. Certain teachers are constantly praised daily for things ranging from their teaching ethic to their lack of homework given. Many students see the following teachers in certain positive lights for a surplus of reasons that perhaps should be implemented more throughout the school.

Math teachers such as Mrs. Chavez have been popularized throughout the school yards. Many people have attributed this to her kind personality as well as her thorough teaching style. In many ways she wears two hats towards her students being “both a teacher and a friend” as her student Dylan Schmit (11) stated.

On the same subject Mr. Peacock is a popular teacher to be drawn towards for many of the math students. He is seen as a flexible teacher who seems to “always [be] positive and add his own humor to the calc lessons” he teachers as believed by Juliana Kim (11).

Ms. Fritz had been mentioned several times throughout the day with her art skills and her somewhat simple sense of humor. Also, Mr. Schumerth has been widely loved this year due to his care for his students as well as humor that keeps the photography kids “engaged”.

As for languages, Mrs. Nunez seemed to be a choice for one of the top discussed teachers at the school. She has always had a sense of compassion and yet still “explains concepts super well” as Alex Hindeleh (12) believes. This can also be followed up by several other students who attest to the same thing from being in her class a full years worth.

Mr. Lejano, though not as spoken, is spoken of quite a bit all over campus because of his ability to connect with his students. “You can tell he really cares about his students and is very reasonable” because he understands the stress and pressures his students are constantly under as Justin Stevens (12) truly expresses.

For her compassion and her involvement in the school, Mrs. Shay is constantly spoken about on campus. “She truly cares about each and every one of her students not just as students but as human beings” as Madison Miller (11) believes Mrs. Shay makes her feel constantly.

Mrs. Garcia, for the junior class especially, is mentioned day in and day out on campus. This is heavily due to the fact that she is the “most enthusiastic teacher and is always positive” whenever she teaches according to Ethan Nunez (11). Her humor and satirical personality breathes life into the history some do not see life in.

The teachers at Yorba Linda High School seem to have a long lasting effect on their students in many ways. From history to math, they lift their students and touch them in ways that cause them to want to learn not simply to just be educated. This is the gossip around the school that many other teachers should strive to achieve and students should try to speak of.